Never a quitter

Never to fold up the tent and walk away

Or turn our back on a friend,

A spiritual brother or sister

All those bought by Royal Blood

So long ago, on the Cross.

The most fierce warrior ever to walk the Earth

Triumph and victory the only clothes He wore that day

In most zealous fervor, determined commitment

Covenant honor to His Father

Covenant love for all creation

His mother, his step-brothers and step-sisters

His family, His apostles, His disciples

His Israel, His Jerusalem!

We walk in His footsteps as the Shepherd leads us

We will never turn away to the right or the left

But with hearts poured out, we follow Him with all our being;

Each step taken, each breath drawn in

Each pulse of every heartbeat.

Steadfast love carries us on with selfless perseverance

And fearless endurance,

From impossible to impossible made possible by our God

Our strong victorious walk of faith

Though cities, through country sides

Through wars in the spiritual realm

Through earthly battlefields

Taste of victory always in our mouths

Triumph over all human weaknesses,

From strength to strength our footsteps carry on

In greatest confidence

Until the day we stand before our Savior’s Throne,

Hand in hand with so many known and unknown others

Arms lifted in loving praise

Voices roar together as that Lion;

We will finish what was started by each

Never, ever will we quit the victory over death we can now taste

In the strength and power of our Lord Messiah now experienced

Yeshua always at our side!






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Winds move across the Earth

Ocean waters with currents come and go

Energy from the sun pulses in waves, sometimes irregular

All in a timeless pure silver cord of God’s purpose,

Even in those He loves in foreknowledge

Predestined and prepared to know Him;

Layers of eternity rest in His hands

Entwined within layers of Divine Revelations,

Just as the elder Prophet John wrote faithfully

Precise Words of what he saw and heard;

Our lives truly hidden in Messiah Yeshua

Soon to be made known

On tiptoes till He is full revealed after destroying the Beast Kingdom,

Shown to John in greatest Holy Spirit intimacy.

“My Lord, my God” as Thomas cried out

Bowing in holy fear,

Clothed forever in reverence for his Savior;

A new day passes by as a thousand years,

While the Lord weighs infinite details in a moment

A thousand years rush by

Like a mighty river flooded with works of the Father,

Workings of His Holy Son.

We each stand eternally as human spirits, His workmanship

Designed to sow good seed by the Holy Spirit

Then to reap a wonderful harvest from the Earth

Armfuls of children to be loved

And to learn to love others and themselves;

The Teacher walked among us

To show us life, how to live,

So now we take up His cup

With His supernatural gift of strength,

Then we move forward the same

The timeless goal in hand

To offer many sips of living water

To all those on “desert earth” who languish

Generations who suffer the same,

We share drops of eternal life

Given freely to us.

Wisdom counsels

Understanding comforts as well

Knowledge anchors each footstep with confidence

Any sense of earthly limits of time simply fades away

Hope is more than alive

Eternity pours forth from Messiah’s Words spoken

From a common man, a humble woman

Treasures flow out with no beginning or end,

The Book of Revelation a mystery no more,

Held peacefully within.










A new day rises to live a life of love,

To love my wife

To love my family

To love friends and neighbors

And strangers I  meet,

Prayerfully to love those difficult to love.

Some will see this love,

Others will not

As simply the way of this world

And those who love it first;

But Messiah has spoken

And the Carpenter empowers us to follow Him.

The soul does not grow weary

A strong Sabbath Rest already given from above

The solid Rock foundation of Peace anchored within,

A most beautiful precious stone that always remains inset,

Living Words precisely written on my spirit!

The soil about is more than ready

As we look at many fields before us

Some prepared over long hard years

At times even as the sower and reaper walked hand in hand,

Triumphant victory the steadfast vision carried near.

Like our Maker who went before us,

Strong hands, rough and callused as a true worker

The One who created the only path of Truth

And established the only Way

Revealing Life;

The “finished work” was long ago completed,

A song of joy now streams in many restful, trusting hearts

Confidence reigns throughout each day

Assurance supreme moment by moment

For the Lord of the Harvest has spoken-

“The Spirit and the Bride say come.”

We hear and walk in healthy faithfulness

Wisdom and revelation given from Heaven’s Throne,

Each step gathering fruit taken in greater  pleasure

Harvesting with honor offered in loving sacrifice,

Praise given  in delight filled worship!




Guardian of  my soul

Shield, protector of my heart, my life,

This body enclosed behind and in front

Now within the Sacred Tent

Refuge of  my Lord;

Peaceful temple of my body

Cleansed and purified

Kept from pollution, defilement of the world

A new vessel of Godly honor carried close

Living sacrifice of obedient love celebrated

In faithfulness to my Lord, my Maker!

Angels always stand by me

Holy Spirit of Messiah indwells

Enough power to walk the “narrow road”

Strength to wisely keep in step,

The One who enables

The hands that empower

My will sustained

Alert and watchful

Confidence from my youth

The Shepherd of my life as a fierce Lion poised

Ready always, sword drawn;

Most active in the invisible realm

He moves men and women as instruments of greater purpose

Artful designs, circumstances for good

Builds up His own in Love.

Beautiful eyes that see all

A radiant Throne that knows all

Final authority over infinite detail

Whether a meteor speeding toward earth,

Hail storm over a city and nation

A destructive sunburst of prolonged energy

Or a small child’s hiccups,

A woman who stumbles and sighs with inner shame

A man who fails in a moment of stress and groans out loud;

Nothing is hidden

As a single flea passes along a virus,

Nothing is beyond His Divine reach

From the very ends of the Earth

As demons invade nations

To the depths of any child’s needs

Or the struggling thoughts of a mind and soul,

Or the revelation of Truth in destiny to a female human spirit;

From strength to strength

From glory to glory

Our guarded paths are precious to Him

Both now and throughout eternity!




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Compassion touches a heart

Kindness covers the nakedness

In a touch of true love,

Tenderness reigns supreme

In the gentle Kingdom

The God of Love upon His Throne,

A most gentle Shepherd made fully known;

As another human life on Earth comes and goes

The gate swings open, the gate swings closed

A few watch

Hear and see,

Maybe even embrace and appreciate,

At times encourage and care for.

Yet, only one family was grown into much more,

A family into tribes, then into a nation

From that special nation, a Kingdom was birthed on Earth;

Revelation rains down from above

Enlightens another man,

Enlightens other men and women

The children of God drawn together

And the greatest Kingdom is made known!

The “Faithful Witness”, the eternal King now on His Throne,

Makes Himself known with a Holy Spirit Breath of Life,

As the First Born over all

Who walked in love and obedience

Glory from beyond the stars

Even the Father’s Son

Who swallowed death for mankind,

Who reached out in compassion to touch His Creation

With sacrificial love

Fulfilled in the most touching moments

As the Voice of the greatest trumpet sounded,

Proclaimed – “It is finished!”

From the Cross in a moment of eternity

When the Timeless One touched the world

The Earth and all in it

All who would ever walk it,

He took hold of life and death

Crushed the serpent of all fear,

And crowned human life with His Life;

A Gift to all who seek it,

Those blessed to experience the most intimate, touching moments!





A butterfly moves from blossom to blossom

In a world of mixed blessings,

Good choices make life cleaner

Right choices make it more pure,

Strength comes down from Heaven

Living Truth enables

Spirit Truth empowers,

The Holy Presence equips;

These ones ready, separated to God

Now as strangers on the Earth

Prepared hearts, foreigners in this world

Who walk a chosen path,

A path of lasting peace;

We move along the narrow road

Lined by jeweled intimate revelations,

Glowing trees of beauty on every side

That hang heavy with fruit of noble works,

Again, birthed from good choices

Born of seeds of Majestic Truth

Showered down from rich and full heavenly clouds;

Everything these children touch becomes golden,

Material abundance freely shared,

Healing given out

Understanding offered to any

Knowledge that becomes life, to all.

Disciples of sacrificial love have been washed

Openly cleansed within

Purity draws us closer to God

Closeness to God brings even more purity!

In fullness they hold the Shepherd’s hand of peace

Walk confidently in step

Human vessels of true life

Purified and made whole, complete;

Nothing lacking as the mouth sings,

Beautiful songs of praise flow out

Offered in love to the God of Holiness,

Echoes of delight-

“It is finished!” in most wonderful angelic melodies.





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Holy Words spoken

Holy Words written on scrolls, then books

A Sacred Breath recorded that crowns the Universe;

Holy Words that swallowed death for all time,

Holy Words pierced the veiled human mind and soul

To touch the dormant, dead human spirit with eternal reality,

The Name above every name

The Lord of Creation speaks.

Body and soul are lifted with wings of encouragement

Human spirits made new with Heaven’s treasures indwelling;

Messiah stands always near

His Peace encloses,

His Peace overflows.

Angels of delight take a child’s hand

Leads them away from darkness

And into a life of true love;

Brought safely through every struggle

Victorious in every battle

Triumphant while the war rages on in the heavens

Soon to be brought to a quiet reverence and calm;

But our Earth to be shaken violently.

The earth trembles, the mountains quake

Those who still walk the land will fall prostrate

Either willingly humble or humiliated,

To bow in fear of the Holy One!

The Majestic Voice

The most powerful Voice

The only Voice who can change evil to good

A foolish woman into a wise daughter,

Who can lift a crushed human spirit into a sea of splendor

As suddenly the soul takes wing

And soars into eternal freedom

A far stretching field of aromatic flowers

Fragrances that enrapture with exquisite beauty

Even the joy of movement amongst angelic stars.

Now glowing servants, disciples of Yeshua

Who walk the Way of honor

Hold zealously to the “Word made flesh”,

Holy One of Israel

Redeemer of remnant Jacob.




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Many voices can be heard all about

Multiple tongues

Loud or soft, sharp or dull,

Even a few as fountains of wisdom,

But most as a wasteful, selfish wandering stream.

Good words settle within to encourage

As true soothing thoughts move peacefully over the soul

Rise up from your spirit,

Internal thoughts of your own voice

Touch your inner being;

Then, a divine revelation

In creative enlightenment from God

His Voice of delight can speak within you

As a “still, small voice”

In you and through you!

Your inner voice comes alive in new Holy Spirit rebirth

The Majestic Voice most powerful and most beautiful,

As a parable, a secret hidden from many others

Yet, so intimate within you;

The discipline of the inner ear

Words and voices discerned

True knowledge grows Rock Solid

On the foundation of the written “Word made flesh”

Made known, matured in you!

Thoughts and words of the “evil one” often masquerade,

But power and authority of the Name above all

Filters and sorts out

Sifts and purifies the clear flow of the crystal Spirit flames;

True communion with your Savior of Truth,

Eternal grasp of salvation

As we stand strong now and forever

A new creation with a new heart,

Mercifully enlightened souls from our God.

New songs of worship fill each one

Whether in constant prayer-filled warfare

Or resting on heavenly clouds of peace,

Melodies of Heaven clothe the mind and soul

With comfort and kindness

Whitest robes of worship.

Even the voice of a distant sparrow

Or an angel’s call from Mount Zion,

The inner ear knows and delights

Above all in the Voice of our Shepherd Lord within

Who lifts us up so near,

So close before His Holy Throne.





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Watchful eyes see clearly

Bright and alert always

Even with a farmer’s patience

They look for early and latter rain,

Truth will shower down in time;

As the Heavenly Kingdom shines purely in a woman’s eyes

Her needs fully met

Beauty of form woven into beauty of heart

Silver and gold threads embroidered into whitest linen;

From the soul of a man as well

Both deeply in love

Joined together with their Lord!

Now, as part of His Body, His Bride to be

His Living Church who breathes within the Holy Spirit,

The flock of love from all generations

Stands poised to rise up majestically come the last great trumpet call,

These many destined to cover the sky with brightest white clouds of joy

To lift salvation high above the world, this Earth

All in the lasting embrace of their Savior

Shepherd Lord of Life

Creator of all; Ruler of all.

Intimacy in human marriage from strength to strength

Courage in steadfast love throughout

Though naked to eternity

No secret, no shame is experienced

They bask in most beautiful robes of gladness

Covered only with love in pure embraces.

Source of Divine life shared freely

With any and all,

These transparent lives are filled to overflowing;

With continual prayer they peacefully pour out as living sacrifices,

Always honestly speak the Truth in love

Crystal clear waters flow about them

Ripple with fearlessness

In True Life proclaimed,

The Gospel Truth, Yeshua the “Word made flesh”

Shines brighter than the sun

In the Light of His Living Word.







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Once so strong and simply clear

Eyes slowly drift away from Messiah’s Cross,

Most powerful display of eternal authority

The greatest sacrifice of love;

Hearts once fixed in joy on the Redeemer

Solid on the Rock foundation

Spirits and souls who looked only to their Lord;

Then, thoughts begin to drift away on the open seas,

A light breeze and warm sunshine carry a small raft steadily away.

Seeds of deception have sprouted

Weeds among the wheat

Too many souls not rooted deeply in Spirit Truth

The ark of Life anchored in the Living Hope of the Living Word;

These ones somehow distracted from purest golden reality

Turned from glowing colored jewels of Heaven reflected

In loving streams of goodness.

A gray cloud begins to cover

Stretches to the horizons

Daily life now fills with conflicts and confusion,

Surface beauty and worldly wealth;

So many constant worries

So many temptations at hand!

Darkness becomes light

Light becomes darkness,

Sunrise becomes vaguely colored

As even bright light appears shadowed,

Sunset passes with little notice

Stars above forgotten;

Imaginations wander

Fantasy embraces another one, another thing,

Even alien science fiction grows into a new reality

As foolish demonic thoughts begin to flood the mind,

Divine wisdom lifts away as a vapor

A temporary mist,

What was once seen and heard, tasted

Becomes almost an illusion;

A mountain that filled the Earth

Reached high into the heavens

Now is but a desert mirage.

A cleansing inner peace now absent,

A shield of faith for protection

Set aside as a burden

Helmet and armor too heavy to carry,

The Sword seldom ever used;

Some who bathed in pure waters of the Holy Spirit

Washed in the Savior’s blood

Are even seduced, worn down and discouraged

Turned, controlled to take hold of the great lie 

As the “father of lies” parades about

Arrogant and proud

With any and every deception at his fingertips

All but another dark cloak used to destroy human souls.

To Satan, life is death and death is life,

Evil is good, good is evil

A lie is strong, truth is weak;

To dirty the clear, clean waters is Lucifer’s victory-

To move the eyes, the heart and mind from the Cross

From the Holy Redeemer’s sacrifice

Slowly, surely, seductively,

To muddy the perceptions of a man and a woman

Away from Heaven’s finished work of salvation.