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Rich, lush fruit of the Heavenly Kingdom

Grown from good seed

Nurtured with steadfast love

Harvested in joyful satisfaction,

The sunshine of caring, kind peace covers

Handled as a small shoot with tenderness

Most gentle sensitivity,

At the right time it rises up in honor

Before the Lord of Life, Master of the final harvest gathering;

He Draws all together into humble baskets

Overflowing with amazing fruit

Delightful fruit

Beautiful to the eyes

Satisfying to the soul;

Joined as one in abundance

Like treasures held closely together

Lifted high upon the strongest shoulders

Gladly brought into the glowing Temple

As another covenant offering

Sacrifice of love and thanksgiving

For him to set before Messiah, their King.

And, as another servant of pure love moves in step

Angelic songs are sung in worship

Truly a chosen worker, an eternal minister comes forward

Known along with countless others before all time

A most talented, faithful woman

Diligent and zealous disciple,

The glorious Tree of Life in monthly season

As a constant vision displayed across their hearts

The Light of its image so bright

Always before them,

Even within their hearts!





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Suddenly a pure white curtain of woven linen

Drawn back in Spirit revelation

Truth miraculously stands before us,

After lifelong seeking

Even mixed with many struggles and prayers

The endless search for full meaning in life,

Rich purpose for being “here and now”!

A blend of longing mysteriously mixed with inner yearning,

As only God the Father draws us to His Son

The Sovereign power that reaches far beyond the heavens

In Ways and Thoughts of our Maker

Our God of Love who truly cares

Delights in revealing Himself to the willing

First in Messiah to the Jews

Then, last to all in Yeshua

The Lord of the Universe

Creator of pure human hearts

As seen in Abraham, his son and grandson,

Our Redeemer of all mankind

King of Heaven and Earth!

Clothed in cleanest white, new creations in the Lord walk in confidence

Assurance of one perfect sacrifice

Greatest display of love through the Cross;

Now cleansed by Living Water

We stand purified by most Royal Blood

In the only spoken eternal finished work.

Divine Love in greater revelations

Draws us nearer to God;

As knowledge grows, love grows.

Yes, the ancient Jewish Temple curtain was torn

And the veil of each heart opened wide to Heaven

As our King of Truth takes His Throne

Before His Father

Within our hearts

His Body joined as one in the Holy Spirit

His flock of believers, body of disciples,

His Bride in lasting beauty.





To know Him is to love Him;

And to love Him is to know Him even more!

This One who holds the keys of absolute Sovereignty

The One who is merciful,

All authority set with jewels in the Crown of our King of Truth

All power rests in the Throne of my King of Justice

Lovingkindness and Truth the purest clear river of Life  that flows out

Like smoothest “silky” linen from beneath that Throne,

Even Mount Zion’s Royal Jerusalem Throne!

As a confident child of Heaven

Another innocent, faithful child of Trust

She takes the hand held out in love

Her Shepherd who cares for His flock;

Each sheep once lost, now found,

They all stay very close

Delight only in His Voice

Sheltered in comfort

Safest tent of the Patriarchs,

Tent of those who walked as foreigners on earth

Strangers in this land of their destiny,

And their eternal home that will soon descend from high above.

We too, men and women of God wait for all fulfillment

Remnant Gentiles, remnant flock of Israel

All true believers joined as one

All followers in the Light of Messiah’s presence

All in the compassionate Light of the Redeemer’s mercy

Disciples washed in the Blood of God’s Son.



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Be separated in your heart

As the fear of the Lord correctly divides

Precise and clean and timely,

True sanctuary provided for heart and soul

Invincible refuge from this world and its ways

Eternal protection from the wicked who act wickedly,

And their deceptive evils,

At times like a volcano that erupts

Floods lava and covers the  land,

Ruthless ones, always conspiring;

Much as a once beautiful garden expanse

Colors and shapes and aromas to celebrate,

Yet, now stands defiled and filled with weeds

Thorn bearing plants of every kind

That seek to cover and consume.

But the hand of the destroyer is already broken

One powerful foot on the hand, another on the head

Long ago crushed as a serpent,

Soon to plunge into a lake of burning sulfur.

An exquisite temple shelter waits for all who choose life

A beautiful tent cover for the willing

A most comforting refuge from every possible storm

Every swirling destructive wind large or small,

Even a dust storm in the scorching desert sunlight.

Time is truly on our side

Our Good Shepherd stands near,

His flock very secure

His flock of freedom.

Even our Sovereign King of all Jews

Our Lord over all men and women

Cleansed within by His Holy Spirit

The only “eternal circumcision” of a true Jew.






Up the mountain of joy

To reach higher in gladness

Zion of Truth towers above

The Name of the Lord a very strong tower,

Jerusalem most brilliant in the Light of God’s Word;

Even as the purest river flows out

Crystal liquid glass sparkles with life

Radiant in the Holy Lord

Everything it touches springs to Life from the Throne.

The human walk of faith

Is the walk of new love

A strong arm about the shoulders

The constant presence of Divine Peace

Hand in hand at times

Holy Words always lighten the path,

Sacred Words that brighten each day;

Whispers within the heart

Like angelic music to the soul

Comfort poured forth

New strength to take another step

To pour out love for another, even a stranger

Or an enemy;

Always others throughout this day

As a vessel of kindness

Servant of the Lord,

Your joy of being alive

Looking into the eyes of another soul

And touching his or her life,

Once a stranger and now a friend.

Compassion flames from the heart

Reaches out freely to share in step

In Spirit flow of goodness;

With wisdom and discernment,

When inner ears hear the Holy Voice

The mouth answers gladly today-

“Here I am, Lord.

Here I am.”





A faithful man

A man of unending courage and strength

A man of faith in action,

Also a woman of action with faith

Both led by the Shepherd,

Spirit controlled

Holy Spirit anointed

In fellowship and in step with their Lord!

How wonderful the fresh wind

That moves with complete freedom

All in the delightful Presence of constant encouragement;

Both walk the Narrow Road

Hand in hand in dynamic fellowship

Along with many, many others

Drawn as well by the Holy Father

Carried by the Son into enlightenment,

From the gift of an anointing to believe

To the empowerment to receive faith in the Spirit of Truth,

Strength within given to know and understand

Revelations to walk and act each day by faith,

Overflowing with Divine Hope

And perseverance that moves each of us forward

As we reach always to take hold of the precious goal

While endurance races to the finish line,

Nothing less,

Nothing less ever!

The Light of Heaven is already seen

In the radiant beauty of our King

An emerald rainbow about His Throne

Living Light of His Glory now touches my soul

From very far away

Yet, closer than my breath;

He draws this man, that woman and others very near

With new battles to be fought,

More battles to be won against our aggressive enemy.








Carried on the shoulders of the High Priest of Eternity,

In the strength of the Lord

His flock once as lost sheep

Gathered up in loving arms and carried home,

Like ones who wandered away

And fell into a pit or into a snare

Who ran off into the clouds of confusion

Many colored distractions pulling on pride and fear

Twisting thoughts of the  mind into deceptive knots

Self centered love with its appetites

Until the gasp of fear weakened further

Strips  naked the soul with internal shame,

So vulnerable to every rush of worldly winds.

From those who wander in darkness

To those who travel the endless desert

Days spent in search for food to satisfy inner hunger

And the ever present thirst for clean, fulfilling water;

In a surprise Divine Breath of honesty

A pure ribbon of Truth is shown running through another human life

As somehow shown by a ministry of actual Grace and Truth

Servants of the Heavenly Covenant

Stand transparent, hearts wide open to any and all

Established by the Lord of Truth

With His choice offered of freedom in life

A most beautiful flow seen in His eyes and heart

Stream of the “inner silver cord” that joins all to Him

And binds love into even more love

The Majestic Holy Spirit ribbon,

Light of Life

Perfection to be lived out daily,

The Redeemer’s gift of redemption

Sparkling in the jewels of the “breast plate” worn in the temple,

The “full armor of God”

Worn faithfully by all of His own

Who will stand firm till the end!



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He stands in new strength and walks by faith

Compelled by Heaven’s Holy Spirit love

Forever steadfast along the only true Way

His Shepherd’s most narrow path for Life

Walked long ago by the One who revealed the Way, His Way;

Common feelings come, human feelings go

Yet, “perfection” somehow calls, draws from within,

Though the body seems frail and weak

Silver threads of the “Silver Cord” remain strong

Even from the first birth with Heaven’s touch.

In spite of all, I still hear the merciful Spirit Voice

He calls to my inner gift of faith-

“Press on!  Press on!  Take hold of your destiny.”

And daily I do…

Many others follow nearby, they too hear the words spoken

Read the honest encouragements written

And continue their unique path of faith in Truth.

The world and those who love it first, scoff and mock

Roaring streams from blind, intellectual cynics,

More pours out from stubborn rebels

While pride and arrogance adorn the foolish hearts of others;

But their loud sounds and crude noise fall empty to the ground.

My humble prayers offered for the few are answered,

Those who will embrace good change one day

Plucked from the fire, saved from the “second death”,

Ones who repent and fall to their knees

After sudden waves of Heaven’s revelations

Just like gracious Paul, Thomas, Peter and many others,

Emerald rainbows will encircle them like James and John

And even remnant modern Israel!

Eyes formed by the Maker will see with enlightenment

Ears made by the Creator will hear with understanding

And new Light will glow from within their being as well;

All who love the Way more than the world

All who love the Truth more than themselves

All who love the Life more than a selfish nature

All who love their Savior, their Lord more than their own life.




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The mouth of an enlightened woman speaks in confidence

Words of eternal Peace shared with her brothers,

Clear understanding of spiritual things given in delight

Powerful knowledge of the Truth loved and celebrated together;

Heavenly wisdom worn fearlessly as pure white clothing,

Gracious sparkles always with jewels of revelation,

Daily at Sabbath rest in victory

At complete rest in Messiah’s triumph;

Each new day Holy Words feasted upon as Bread from Heaven

Each day Holy Words drank as Living Water,

All to prosper as one in trust before her God

Then, to gather from His immaculate garden

Exquisite colors and unique shapes,

Aromas of incense that captivate

In the perfumed essence of a prayerful moment in eternity

Now, with a radiant armful of Living Beauty

To set in worship and honor before her King,

Our Lord of Hosts.






Whether spread across the Heavens

Or wrapped about the Earth

A rich blanket of Divine Peace settles

Most intimate hand woven tapestry of lovingkindness,

Powerful love that burns brighter than the sun

A zealous fire in the eyes of our Maker!

From the pageantry of all Creation

To the genetic make-up of every human who walks the earth,

The words and thoughts and actions recorded for eternity,

Tenderness is felt for each one;

Every emotion experienced

Every tear shed by a child,

Kindness offered while seeing the end from the beginning;

Knowledge of every fish and creature in the seas,

Sharpened perception of all the birds and animals upon the earth,

Each and every life form, seen or unseen!

The breath taking beauty of angels

Also spread abut His Heaven and Earth as brilliant stars above

Who also love and serve in gracious power and authority.