The beauty of a woman’s hips

Curves tender and lines smooth

Much more than the multi-faceted jewels found in rarity

Hidden on the Earth’s surface or deep within;

Glowing Matriarch Eve, the one most beautiful

Seen forever in the Light of purity

Clearly understood in the wisdom of righteousness

Naked innocence before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Now clothed in whitest white!

Mysteries of Creation revealed

As prized gifts from above

The Mind of Messiah develops in His own, deeper and wider

Truth of the Holy Spirit rises brighter than the sun

In brilliance of Majesty as sparkles from far off

The twinkling of stars with unapproachable Light;

The “New Day” spoken of draws near

Longed and yearned for by prophetic generatons

Even as the long awaited sunrise of a cold winter season,

Much as a father’s anticipation of a child at birth,

The woman’s cradle of delight bearing good fruit

The wonder in awe of her husband

Source of unimaginable joy in the child, then maybe another;

A baby created within the womb of all treasures,

Seth from Eve

Countless others from the Daughters of Eve;

Then, Messiah Yeshua from Miriam,

Later, from that richest mother,  other sons and daughters through Joseph

From and for his God!







The call has gone out

It resounds powerfully about the heavens

Across the many waters

Beyond all the seas

Atop mountains

In every hidden valley

Even thick forests

And jungles woven tightly in growth

Barren plains, driest  deserts;

The Voice of compassion reaches out

Searches for each one

Touches a heart, drink for the thirsty

Warms a soul, food for the hungry

Encourages the lost, friendship for the  lonely

Gives strength to the weak

Pierces every dark cloud with His Sword of Truth

And draws the lost children all close,

Through repentance and Spirit revelation

The Holy Son Yeshua seen and heard.

The Holy Father knows the path of every human being

From before birth

Till the last breath taken of every generation,

Deliverance from the dark grip of the evil prince

And his hordes of legions of fallen demon angels,

Endless spiritual lies woven into snares

And forceful material deceptions

As the predator preys on fallen human nature!

But the true Light of Messiah the Holy Son

The Redeemer is shown who gives Life

As love is displayed in peaceful waves of kindness and goodness

While the God of Compassion gathers His chosen ones;

Many rooms in the Father’s House

Many seats at the banquet table wait empty

With all who are called to celebrate,

All those who  hear the call

And turn to return to Divine purpose for our very existence!



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A powerful word for the children

Given in prayer times

As the soul bows once more

And the heart reaches out to Heaven again

The human spirit soars into the Kingdom Presence

Comes before the Throne of Holiness

The King who is seated in all authority,

The God of Compassion

The Lord of all comfort;

Needs blend with praise and thanksgiving

And with incense they rise through the hands of angels

Sweetest aroma of the Holy Spirit,

The Delight of all Heaven;

The children of God stand as objects of mercy

Chosen ones in redemption

The cup of their Savior poured out in sacrifice

Nothing held back

In Life for Life

The needs of all His own

Embraced as the fragrance of purpose

What matters in prayer

What counts in His Kingdom

All meaning in and for their existence,

To draw near to the Father

To hold our Creator’s Hand

Shepherd of true, purest reality

The only One we follow;

To Yeshua alone we offer our prayers of love,

As seeds sown in faithfulness

True eternal Life reaped in abundance,

The lasting fruit of the knowledge of God!







The delicate weave of Scriptures

In the precise living fabric of Heaven

Most exquisite creative artistry of Truth expressed

Seen clearly in the new Light of a soul

Eyes bright with Holy Spirit purity

Radiant Peace at rest with his or her God!

The Shepherd’s hand that touches guides each footstep,

In every circumstance

Robed in faithfulness

Covered in majestic clouds that glow brightly

As those eyes reflect what is above

And beyond the reach of mere men of ego,

The reach of mere women consumed with “self”;

Heaven’s delight remains

Godly pleasure established in the children of Light

Holy Spirit enlightenment written and spoken about

As anointed by the Father for His Son,

Covered in whitest white

As ministers and priests forever by the Son

All for His Father.






They walk a path of honesty

Transparent, sincere in all they say and do

The love of God indwells

Confidence covers with assurance,

The love for God leads and guides

Words spoken and written so long ago alive with Spirit power,

They rise up within the spirit and soul,

Rise up from within as “zeal and spiritual fervor”;

The right prayerful choices are daily made

Whether a creek side trail of unusual  beauty

Or a desert wilderness where the sun seeks to guide and control

While it steadily consumes life and breath,

Water to drink the greatest treasure to be found

The will to live and survive exposed, tested in rawest elements.

But when darkness covers

The stars above sing anew with angelic melodies

Angelic sounds and sights in the heavens as the true Kingdom reassures

“Goodness is near”-

Truth reigns supreme

Lasting purpose indwells with endless Spirit Peace

From moment to moment

Through every possible circumstance,

Every human relationship

Messiah’s Peace indeed anchors in Living Hope

Now seen and clearly understood

Experienced purely

Like the crystal flow of Living Water

From the Holy Throne of the Shepherd

Seen as each footstep is followed daily

By another!








The unique blue in the eyes of some of the angels

All servants of Love

Some of the true vessels of mercy in kindness

Who honor their Master the Lord

Who loves them and fills them with the Spirit fire of Heaven’s purpose;

Highest perceptions fill the sky of the Earth

With deepest and most beautiful shades of blue

Even while clouds move about

And radiant Light casts glows of more pleasure;

As a newborn child looks with innocence of purity from those eyes

Born into this world

Much more than sapphires as jewels

Precious in the sight of our God

And all His Holy Angels,

Children treasured above as Messiah’s Cross has proven to all

With the finished works of God

Who made possible for us the impossible!



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TRUTH written on many hearts

As salvation flows in newest gold

Highlighted with brightest silver

About perfected jewels accenting purity throughout;

Though long ago carved into stones

By the very Hand of God,

The Spirit of Messiah fulfills all TRUTH

Revealed by His new, eternally living Covenant

Made for all mankind!

The most powerful mountain that towers beyond Creation,

Sovereign authority covers far ahead and trails far behind

Shades beautifully from the sun’s intense heat of the day,

Ushers in rain as needed in abundance;

Joy rushes through the human spirit and soul

With a single drink from the crystal clear River of Life-

Living Words that move out from the Throne of Grace!

The TRUTH of Yeshua Messiah has triumphed as planned,

Powerful faith now overcomes the world;

In Heaven’s Gift of wisdom and strength

From the Heart of God, freedom pours out

Deliverance in the delicate aroma of Life overcomes death,

The scent of the greatest fragrance drowns the stench of darkness

Much more than perfumed plants in a rare old city park

Or the pleasure of a hidden ocean shoreline

With a private beach of whitest sand dotted with moments of secret delight.

The Name that towers above all

Always with kindness of eternal compassion given

Always Divine care by the eternal TRUE Lover of Jerusalem,

His chosen place on earth for Zion’s Temple of TRUTH

Throne of Decision

His love for His world, His world shown in the Light of Glory

Shared by all of His children

Reborn in “Second Birth” through the Holy Spirit of Messiah

Who is TRUTH, the Lord of Life!






Soon we will stand before Him,

Then bow in reverence before his Holiness,

Love will flow endlessly

From His pure heart to ours,

From our hearts in love to our Lord and King;

The Light of Glory consumes all

With the fire of Holiness,

Eyes that penetrate our being

And lift us up into clouds of lasting joy,

Our Salvation; our Savior!

Hope fulfilled

Our eternal purpose and meaning

Displayed in Splendor without words needed

Except- “Welcome Home my child

By your faithfulness

By your fearless love

Your delight in our Oneness,

Rise up before Me

My Kingdom is now Our Kingdom!”







The journey goes on

Another day follows

Then another and another,

As we seek the true Kingdom

And walk with our Shepherd;

Troubles and difficulties continue

Yet, are covered over by God’s steadfast love,

Our Lord’s strength given in perseverance runs into the arms of endurance

Whatever it takes to continue to draw near;

Our life of faith

Anchored in eternity

Empowered by Messiah’s Holy Spirit Presence

Peace rooted in knowledge

Living Words written on our hearts

By the “Word made flesh”,

The Way of His Kingdom our only Way,

The mind of Christ renewed daily

Eyes of our spirit look to Him alone,

This day and always tomorrow!

The Jerusalem Temple Throne is rooted within us

Where we will soon bow in worship as hope is fulfilled,

The Tree of Life we already taste!



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A new day of wealth,

A day of greater wealth

Flowing through your heart

Flowing through your hands

Streaming through your hands to others;

The sun shines brightly

Reflected in ways like the crystal clear waters

That will flow as the River of Life from God’s Throne,

A majestic display for Abram

In visions of power and authority

And as numberless stars above

His destiny in hand;

Abraham of true faith,

Divine strength to believe!

Oh, to drink from the Cup

Living Waters for all who thirst

The Holy Cup of Life,

Whether drops on a dry tongue on desert earth

Or long and deep gulps swallowed in joy on mountain tops

The riches of Messiah’s heavenly treasures indwelling

Heaven’s treasures so much greater

Wealth beyond the world

Riches that live within the human spirit

Given freely as foretastes,

Glowing sparkles of eternal Life

From the Fire Eyes of Splendor

Soon to radiate in brilliance from Jerusalem,

City of our Lord!