Center of the World

Land of all destiny

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Home of eternal rest,

Throne of the King

Place of covenant peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the hill

Mount of Olives covered with strides of Glory

Multitudes line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

Triumph of our God of Truth

Majestic fruit of our God of Love.

A thousand years of wonder upon this Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem to descend;

His chosen place of triumph

Good over evil

Truth over Satan’s lies

Light over darkness

Human rebirth over hopeless slavery

Splendor over emptiness

Hope fulfilled over any hint of despair

Eternal Life over nothingness!

I will be there to bow before the Ancient of Days,

King of all Jews;

How about you?

   Have a blessed Easter remembrance to honor our Savior.



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I walked through that door

Through the Majestic Gate holding His hand

The Shepherd’s hand of trust

Hand of most confident peace

Loving hand of my Lord.

The unknown lies before me

Each detail of each step

Yet, no mystery hovers near;

Scorched landscape of the world

Its spiritually barren desert waste

Once noble cities and towns in human ruin,

Once soaring as the greatest eagle

Greatness of wealth and power,

Proud and arrogant nation ruined and left naked

Defenseless from every predator and scavenger

Every wild animal of the earth,

Eaten from within by parasites of men

Self-consuming, lustful mobs

Who feed on the corpse of what could have been;

Lying politicians scheme for more

Corporate beasts feed only themselves,

The shadows darkened more by false shepherds

Religious deceivers, worst of mankind

Who use holy names and holy words

To curse themselves and those who listen.

The Holy Spirit door of Truth stands always near

Open and meant for all, found only by few;

Messiah Yeshua’s arms of love

Soon to withdraw

Door soon to close in the face of men and women

Stubborn rebels, rotten as their nation “Mystery Babylon”,

To the very core of their being

And eternal existence.



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Hope nearly drawn out,

Many stumble on vain and selfish worldly temptations

Trip on imaginations, longings grasped for

While the world goes on and on and on

And darkness continues its deceptive boisterous parade

Puppet leaders at the head,

Arrogance and deception loudly celebrated by most,

Sensuous pleasures to pacify.

The silver cord is drawn very thin indeed

Even as the patience of our God!

His plan of eternal perfection

Before Adam and Eve in wisdom

Infinite tender grasp of each human being

Each step, each breath

Each word, every thought,

Sovereign rule over even the darkest “fallen ones”;

Hell always stands watching, waiting

As Hades lustfully enlarges its throat,

The Lake of Fire, the second death to come, beyond description!

Our Savior has spoken

All Godly work made completely known

Secrets of the Cross lay bare

Crystal clear secrets of the Kingdom of Light

Revealed openly before all nations

Even Israel at the beginning and at the end,

As all humanity from all times will kneel and bow without excuse.

The most beautiful cloud will rise in a twinkle

And merge with the purest Light from Heaven

Our radiant Redeemer towers powerfully

As He descends to greet His Flock of Love

His own family purchased at the greatest possible price

His Royal Blood of Life for life

The God who is Love made known;

At the sound of the seventh trumpet, the ones washed clean all spring to life

Bodies formed and transformed

With those still in body vessels, the chosen fly far above the Earth,

Time or timing never the controlling factor

Never the consuming purpose.



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Trust Me with each breath

Surely another will freely come

Just as clean air moves in the winds

God’s rain falls in time

Yes, trust with each small breath

Another will soon be given,

For a woman who waits alert in confidence

A man who stands watchful, assured the same,

Love will flow

In a stream that only grows,

Oh, true love will flow!

A groom bows in faithful prayer

Then stands strong in open praise

His heart soars high above the clouds,

What more can he say;

In pure worship a bride reaches out

Tenderness with a woman’s gentle transparent beauty

Heart so very sincere, wonderful integrity in a new song

With sharp sensitivity she longs for the Way that works, Messiah’s Way;

True love will soon give new birth

Love will show in beautiful fulfillment

With whitest gowns that cover purely,

Hearts in covenant  are bared so easily

No shame ever passes by

No doubts can wonder “Why?”

When two are in love

Their  children can more than play

When two are finally in love

Restful trust fills in every way

Lasting freedom stretches its wings

Flies as no other rises above

Divine blessings shower as the sun’s rays to say-

“Your prayers are always heard and answered

My graceful goodness

Will be your Seal of Peace,

Upon each step together,

Each breath you both take,

For you my children of faith and trust

Will live fully my abundance in marriage

As you only grow stronger

Each rich and splendid day given to share.”



A peaceful wind blowing this day

Carries songs of rest and trust

Kingdom melodies

Most simple, most pure, most alive

New strength to lift a heart

Courage to carry along a difficult path

All tears met with comfort

Stress melted away by a loving touch

Divine, holy love in the most tender, secret place

Secret temple within the unseen spirit

Place of timelessness within a soul

Domain of creation by the Creator,

Mystery that only true revelation unfolds.

He stands at the shoreline of time

Prayers as sweet incense, light wind across the waters,

Gentle waves lap the clean white sand of eternity

Rhythm of a lasting moment of ecstatic beauty

Deepest and most beautiful drink of unending calm

Quiet and rest even as clouds boil in the distance;

Destructive race of mankind,

Whirlwind soon upon us all.

The sheltering Spirit of Messiah

Yeshua’s covering peace we know

The Living Peace who we trust,

The confidence of assuring peace that carries His own

As strong arms full of small children

Our safety on a dark stormy night.



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Children walk in enthusiasm through a great field

Expanse of wildflowers in explosive bloom

Yellows and blues and reds

Even orange and purple and scarlet,

Trees here and there budded out, sway melodically in the gentle wind,

Two excited adult children in their own special garden

For a moment, for eternity

Loved carried as fragrance in this peaceful wind

The aroma of eternal beauty rises tenderly

Assurance, comfort together

Fresh encouragement together

With the thrill, the challenge, the adventures ahead;

Much goodness along with daily troubles promised

Growth and endurance, hope throughout,

Personal character truly matured.

A narrow path of prayer is laid out,

Paths drawn certainly together from above

Footsteps intermingled, sovereignly ordered

One righteous path together established.

In one, his hand stronger, more decisive, protective

In one, her hand softer, more agile, more sensitive

One body out of two miraculously joined in delight,

The shared desire to always love first

To honor the Author of Life first,

Living Bread and wine, purest food and drink

What sustains the will, their new heavenly food.



A cloud of dust far below the stars, swirls about

Irritates the eyes

Disturbs the senses

Ties little knots in the mind

Aggravates the emotions of your soul

Twisted thoughts that swirl with repeated confusion,

Negative things, borderline destructive things

Memories of the past

Relationships and circumstances

Goodness taken hold of, goodness lost

Foolishness pursued, stumbled over often.

But now, the Name,

The Name above all dwells within

Greatness beyond this Earthly realm

What the world does not understand

Nor does it ever want to,

As well as those enslaved by the world,

What those who belong to the world will never desire to embrace;

The Name is spoken within the spirit

Where an Eternal Light now glows

A divine Gift from above;

The pure Light brightens the soul

Even radiates from the body

As heavenly Spirit Wind chases away every demon

Darkness of the “fallen one” flees the only True Light,

It always does, it always will.

The human spirit celebrates new birth

The mind and soul become cleansed of lies

Free of guilt and all fears

All thoughts taken captive as written in the Book,

The Holy Presence becomes Peace within

Rises from the place of eternal rest

Forever before the King’s Throne,

The Father’s Gift of freedom

The rescue wrapped in beauty about the Word spoken

Emmanuel our Present from our Creator

“The Word made flesh”-

Messiah Yeshua.



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One day, while at work

I stood and watched in amazement

As slowly, high up in the sky

Slowly drifting to the North

The white brightness of the day trumpeting radiance,

In a surprise display of majesty

A large cloud in the classic shape of a Christmas angel

As seen on countless holiday cards-

The long robe, the wings, and even a halo effect,

The image was simply drifting along the peaceful Sedona heights,

Nearly above the iconic tourist Chapel;

I stared, then wondered who else was seeing

Who might also take a few moments to notice and truly look

To lift their eyes away from the common tourist things

The many dramatic towering red rocks and rugged desert landscape.

Surely the presence of God can always be sensed

If revealed, if awakened in ones watchful and alert

Open hearts to the power of the Lord of heaven and earth

Who works in and through a human life,

Though mostly unnoticed, mostly invisible

Mostly ignored by others,

So many caught up in empty gestures

Social media in an anxious gasp at reality

A photographic stretch towards purpose

And meaning in self;

Yet so fickle, so illusive

To feed an ego

Even at another’s expense;

As the world turns

The clouds always drift by

While the Lord of Hosts, King of all angels

Reaches out in compassion

To any and all who would take His hand.

I looked with wonder and thankfulness

After trying to get others to notice,

Then watched the cloud break apart

And the moment fade away.



Prayers going up the mountain

Praise coming down

Prayers going up the mountain

Praise coming down.

   (Repeat seven times with a stronger voice, faster beat, lower notes, methodically done)


I/we worship You

I/we worship You, Lord

I/we worship You

I/we worship You, our Lord.

   (higher notes, female voice, slower flow, more melodic)

*The main and the chorus echo, play off each other, build momentum..



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Assurance as a small bird flies into a storm

With fearless abandon, confidence wrapped about

In a constant warm embrace

Finally learning how to let go of the old

And to take hold of the new;

The secret war rages on

For the mind, for the very soul.

Oh, the fierce grip of the world and its ways

Its controlling hold on the body and soul,

The mind in a cruel hand of deception

Manipulated thoughts in cause and effect,

Logic and intellect, impulse and base desires;

The struggle for the next breath of clean air

Thirst for good water for the body

Grown dry for a pure drink,

The search for healthy food in the face of hunger

Needs and emotions in a constant hunt.

With eyes never satisfied

Restless desires wash back and forth within

Beauty of youth paraded as a commodity, then fades away;

Peace in the heart as an illusion at best

Always lies just beyond the fingertips

While imaginations dance about.

Yet, the moment still cries out to be gratified, satisfied somehow

But an emptiness only returns;

The tough grip of the Earth

Pulls the heart down

Only numbs the pain of frustrations

Teases with one fear after another

Turns within as a wobbling wheel,

Death of the body always lurking

Hidden, veiled at a distance,

But springs up in an unexpected moment

A shock of the ancient reality

Coldest chill to life’s hidden meanings,

Unknown mysteries that can fulfill the illusive purpose for being.

A few cry out for secret treasure

Even search eagerly for the pearl of true lasting beauty;

Selfishness growls and strains to hold back,

Sadly the heart within can give up.

To hold tightly on to this world, a deepest deception

Fear driven, pride driven, self-possessed,

True freedom almost forever lost;

Then the Father, our Creator

Draws us near

And reveals a better Way,

The only Way that works, that truly lasts.