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What has just flown through our hands and fingers

Seemingly lost forever,

Love has missed the chance

A door once open, now shut

The late decision, to step out in faith

As a dove flies far away in the distance,

The gift meant to freely share

Held back in hesitation, as anxiety or fear ruffled the hair

Distracted the mind, troubled the thoughts.

And now my heart is perplexed

What should have been, faded like sunlight at dusk;

Oh the pain of heartache

Even distant memories come back to taunt,

Worse thoughts of selfish, clumsy hands holding flowers

The desire for the scent of beauty

To embrace the aroma, the fragrance of a fleeting moment;

Now the knees bow, the head lowers in repentance…

Once more in humility before God who forgives

The Holy One, the patient One.

When the guilt lifts, inner change continues

What condemns flies away as but another startled bird

Yet, the memory can linger and a scar can form.

The mind is a marvel at the  least

One thing triggers another, thoughts multiply then are calmed

The countenance brightens, unspoken questions settled;

But nothing was offered in obedience, nothing gained,

A lost chance to honor the Lord in faithfulness.

But God crowns the future with circumstances,

Sovereignty His pleasure worked out,

The past moment disappears, “now” is covered by the peace of forgiveness

Our God who is the Lord of “now”

Reaches out in kindness with healing balm

Wipes my tears, gives me understanding as needed

Gives me strength and comfort, tender mercy

Along with wisdom and power to move on and discern the Way.

To live out this new life, to shine brightly for any and all

Pure love covers, a clean heart works again with clean hands

Such knowledge of our Shepherd, the merciful One

Who is always ready with a second chance!



First love of a lifetime

Within eternal love, found in a lifetime of search;

The heart has listened and learned from the Holy Father

To seek, to hunger and thirst for Truth in meaning

For good purpose in life,

Bread that lasts forever

Bread that does not dry up or mold

And go the way of the world, the earth;

Safely hidden in a secret place

A protected place, invisible and secure fortress

Living Hope deep down inside

Messiah’s Holy Spirit within warm and golden;

Most confident protection wrapped about by very strong arms

The breath of angels soothes in comfort,

Rich atmosphere of Heaven’s peace

Guards always with anointed oil of joy, healing balm,

Such love that compels faith in action

A guided life spent in service

Living sacrifice offered, in the greatest calling fulfilled,

As numberless children wilted in the day’s heat

While fruit withered on the vine

From the scorching winds of the earth, the merciless world,

The wicked at war, always one against another

True beauty in life degraded, trampled into the street,

Until One Savior triumphs!

Harsh forces destroy the fragrant blossoms

Make bitter the souls of the young

Unclean fires that constantly burn;

And so many eyes have wept dry.

Lord of heaven and earth at the end of patience

Yet, Kingdom love compels

Deeper than any ocean, higher than all mountains

Words are spoken, a remnant is saved,

Tireless disciples on the move

A steadfast, fearless army that marches

Powerful weapons of the Spirit

And many are plucked from the fire,

Salvation reigns supreme until time runs out.

Then, streaks of Light will surge beyond the Universe

Hot coals fly from before the Throne

Terrifying shouts and roars follow

All the Earth trembles and violently shakes

And the old will be changed into the new.



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New Life from the Breath of Heaven

Most Royal Eternal Words spoken

Spirit Life flows out from the very mouth of God,

Sharpest golden arrows of pure fire fly from the Throne of Holiness,

Every target of deepest purpose and meaning,

Each one pierced through the heart!

All Creation by the hands and work of the Creator;

All things by Him and for Him!

The Living Word revealed to man

Life spoken by the “Word made flesh”,

And who now hears

Who really hungers and listens for Truth

Who yearns for understanding of human purpose

Who longs for earthly meaning in this uncaring, unfriendly, indifferent world?

Vessels of Holy Spirit authority go forth

Servants of the power of true love

As the God of Love daily reaches out

Seeks to reveal salvation to all mankind!

Heavenly passion awakens in another

New freedom to approach the Holy God

To daily begin to discover the unsearchable treasures

Riches beyond any man’s reach,

Set far apart from every woman’s heart

But now made known

Seen in our Shepherd

Seen in the Lamb of God

Seen in the King of Israel,

The King of all true Jews;

And now seen and heard in the Body of Messiah

The remnant living Church,

His servants and children

Who carry the wisdom of our Father

As a pure Spirit seal of His Life upon our foreheads,

Just like Paul, just like Peter

And all the many Kingdom brothers and sisters.

A farmer walks through his fields

The ground dry and weed covered;

He shakes his head and simply says-

“How long should I put up with you,

How long should I stay with you?”

Then prays- “Father, in wrath remember mercy”.



By your strength, oh Lord

Lord, your strength alone;

The mind struggles with the heart

And the heart with the mind,

Because of the task ahead

The work required

The jobs needed to be done,

The Lord of the Harvest calls

And I quickly answer

For the work in the Spirit that waits,

What is impossible for man

But possible for God!

As faith bridges the greatest divide

A cry comes from within-

“Increase our faith , our Lord!”

Wisdom sees the circumstances woven throughout our nation

The invisible battles raging

Forces entangled with ruthless serpents

That hunger to destroy any good;

What the soul trembles over

As the cost of commitment

Zeal in the Spirit to say and do what is right,

Faithful obedience to the Captain of the Hosts from above.

The human spirit surges forth, empowered, enabled

With the body following,

In another day of winter chill

Clouds hang low, heavy over the earth,

The sunlight is dim,

Just a few others seen walking about

Bundled up in the Midwestern cold, briskly moving ahead

Eyes kept inward, fixed on the Spirit Lord;

My prayers trickle out

Then flood from within me

They reach high above to the Throne of Grace

For His help, hand of favor,

Again prayers in the Holy Spirit, a new language flows,

A warm blanket of love and assurance settles upon my footsteps.

A calming peace covers as my Lord always remains True

A splendid standing pool of crystal clear water before His Throne,

Unshaken, always unshaken

With a new day to walk with our Lord,

Whether an underground church

Or a home fellowship

Or an encounter with a few to counsel and to pray with,

Each healing step forward in trust and confidence,

Thanksgiving goes before

And thanksgiving follows after,

Fruitfulness of the remnant in America

Never to be denied!

Our Lord Messiah “who makes the dawn and the sunset shout for joy”

Walks at our side

As clearly written over and over for all to see and hear

As clearly lived out with those with ears to hear

And eyes to see,

The Lord of the Harvest is always at His work

Whether in North Korea, Pakistan or India,

Or even Mystery Babylon America!



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Those eyes

Those beautiful eyes

Those wonderful eyes;

Delight caught up in a surprise moment of radiant green-blue eyes

A brightness pulsing with vitality

A rich soul full of God’s Light

Priceless Gift from above

Now at rest in one so chosen,

She overflows with the “living stream” our Lord spoke of

Pure and simple reality clothes another woman with lasting beauty.

In another divine encounter

Two who meet on a day of sovereign circumstances

At the market or the mall or the post office,

Even the park way or sidewalk

Along the path of one man who has learned to care and watch!

Eternal youth speaks through these soul windows

This human lamp of an older grandmother, a widow, stooped and fragile

With a glow of the heavenly threshold on a sword’s fine edge,

Such confidence , assurance soars as her spirit soon will

Triumphant sweep over this world,

Display of love’s victory over death in a quickened smile

The temporary boundaries of body and earth

Just as a strong migrant bird glides easily,

High over the expanse of any ocean.



The persecuted ones in a lifting,  powerful anthem

Their lives shine more brightly

As Holy Waters poured out freely

Abundantly upon a massive, ancient altar Rock

Place of sacrificial love, place of lasting honor;

Each name as a banner held up high

Beautiful names written in silver and gold

Stars as jewels by each name pulse with vibrant life

Winds of the Spirit catch each banner like a gust on a sail

The sky ships carry the names very high indeed,

Even many souls from unknown places on Earth-

Villages and farmlands easily forgotten

Jungles and grasslands from far off nations

Mountains and deserts rarely seen,

Tiny corners of huge sprawling cities

Even those where Satan lives and rules,

Where darkness pretends to reign as light.

Wickedness covers itself with religious robes

Trample the gentle ones as “Nicolaitans” did

They crush the tender souls of the willing

As seeds forced into the hard ground

Stiff boots that press down and kick dirt while spitting and worse.

But a new creation, a new world rests within each one

“Seed of Promise” within the body just sown,

Heavenly hands have worked the difficult soil

Scraped and tilled the ground

They water the precious seed;

A fresh breath of Holy Fire upon them all

“Love stronger than death” a holy angelic chant!

Eventually songs of worship rise from he earth

Meet the countless angels high above

Together in a chorus, a dance in eternal celebration

Triumph in life that is True Life.

Loud thunder roars as a river that moves deeply through the earth

Leaps and gushes from broad valleys, then out above highest mountains

Up into the very heavens,

High above both heaven and earth.

The moments of persecution forgotten

All suffering and painful thoughts removed

As the kind Hand of Eternity wipes away every trace of every tear,

Every trace of every priceless drop of human blood shed,

For they remained faithful

“Even to the point of death”.




A. I’m talking, talking and walking

     I’m talking, talking and walking

     I’m talking, talking and walking

     Talking and walking like my Lord!

B. I’m sharing, sharing and caring

     I’m sharing, sharing and caring

     I’m sharing, sharing and caring

     I’m sharing and caring like my Lord!

C. I’m giving, giving and living

     I’m giving, giving and living

     I’m giving, giving and living

     I’m giving and living like my Lord!

D. I’m praying, praying for today

     I’m praying, praying for today

     I’m praying, praying through today

     I’m praying through today like my Lord!



The cruel divider seeks to ruin a nation

Subtle, ruthless, clever man with scheming associates

Marxist, anarchist in sheep’s clothing

Dark forces own his “ears and soul”,

Plans made  long ago

Now begin to unfold with forceful deception

Invisible powers always at the side;

Minds energized, minds transformed, lust for power grows

Evil seductive control

“Prince of darkness” so cunning, so clever

With much power to destroy!

One poor, humble soul walks in the new Light revealed

True wisdom and understanding rain  down from Heaven

The good seed planted deeply within his spirit

Equipped fully for this time, for this very season

Empowered, clothed with Holy Spirit armor just as Paul wrote

Truth of Messiah’s Spirit sword very sharp, cuts finely,

Discernment moves precisely and divinely penetrates

Power greater to help separate innocent children  from this world,

To encourage many daily, to stimulate and lead others the same

Revelation of eternal life truly a living stream within welling up in its essence!

The most beautiful fountain of Truth,  Way of freedom from all deceivers

Liberation from apostate, greedy religious merchants of death

Who peddle fear and legalism and delusions as “faith commodities”

Prosperity in secure earthly riches and outward beauty to be desired, possessed,

Temporary treasures, conditioned to always hunger and thirst for

Even as the evil one, the enemy of God devours

The destroyer works to destroy them.

Treated as mere flies about horse nostrils

Seen by Satan as so many animals led to the slaughter,

As he mocks and scoffs at the Creator of all.

The Holy One who sits as Judge,

Yeshua who threw out the “dark lord” as trash long ago

As refuse to the earth

Adding a crown to the garbage heap that grows daily.


Those who are wise in America

Have already escaped “as a bird from a snare”,

They stand free in salvation

As the Savior works zealously to pull many others from the muck and slime

Fierce clutch of the enemy of all mankind

Free from the impossible mire,

The deadly snare of “self” in human nature;

A hand of compassion reaches out

A strong hand of peace holds tightly

Humble and gentle hands

Once pierced, powerful hands

Hands that cup the oceans

Spread out easily across the entire Universe

Even covering a lonely, lost and forgotten heart,

Once in consuming, crushing poverty

Now wealthy beyond imagination

With the Gift of our Redeemer’s Cross.

LOVE- 1/5

LOVE- 1/5

In stillness a heart listens

A divine hush in the Holy Presence

Quiet prayers, reverent worship

A most quiet beauty set apart from the world,

Just as within the secret place of the mother’s womb

A tiny child waits for the hand of love

While the newest of many miracle children is formed

Delight from God

Delight given from God

Gift for a woman, calling for a man,

Birthed into our troubled world,

The spirit of life indwells

Transparent joy embraces such a wonder;

A parent’s hand reaches down to touch

But a little hand reaches up and  takes first hold of a finger

As  love touches love

The naked innocence of creation on majestic display

When truth shines brightly in clearest honesty

The God who is Love

Gives generously, impartially to all,

To all who are willing to love Him,

In the gracious Law of Abundance

To all who seek His gifts of the many facets of jeweled human life

Who reach out to seek and find,

A bounty far beyond human dreams

And earthly imaginations.

Kindness and great gentleness proclaimed

From the very hands that reached down first

In humility from the Third Heaven

Throne of all Destiny past the boundaries of the Universe,

Sovereign touch on the forehead, on the lives of His chosen ones

Portrayed in Splendor of the Holy Son

Worshiped by countless angels

Even before the stars, before the world began.



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To begin to look upon His Greatness

While the Kingdom of Light waits patiently,

The “Messianic Kingdom Prayer”- pure desire and holy longing,

Our Rock of all confidence

Majestic Light of Glory

Revelation of abundant Life in Him alone;

Oh, to look upon His Greatness in humility,

One creature before his Creator

An object of mercy before the King.

Another “woman at the well” given the Spirit of Grace

Just as Adam and Eve saved from the very beginning

Pulled from the fires of justice

Rescued, lifted high above common human frailty

Carried gently in the Spirit winds of love

Brought before the Throne of grace and mercy.

Fallen men and fallen women

Saved from inherited weaknesses,

Empowered, saved from all lies and deception, from self and Lucifer

Kept by God for Himself;

The impossible made possible

For all generations that follow

Miracle authority of redemption foreknown

Then lived out on earth

As angels bowed in sorrow,

Knelt in anguish before the Father’s Throne.

Their Lord in human form,

The eternal sacrifice of love

As a baby, as a child, a youth who grew in favor

A man in practical work, as a carpenter, eldest brother

A man who stood tall in complete faithfulness and responsibility.

Though once lifted on a Roman Cross,

Carried high above by His Holy Spirit’s Words of His Father!

Approachable greatness revealed

In Truth of humility and obedience,

The same for all

So that we too can look upon our Messiah’s Majestic Greatness.