Higher than the heavens

Kindness revealed and now made known

His Love fills, resonates within the human heart and soul

He covers with Messiah’s unshakeable Peace,

My Creator’s Hand of unending Love

The One who “counts the stars and gives names to all of them”;

The unsearchable Greatness of His Father

“Who so loved the world”

And offered His only Son in Sacrificial Covenant

On the Holy Cross of surrender to humility and Eternal Justice

Shown completely in His Life of Love

Every droplet poured out for Earthly generations of sinful mankind!

To begin to be faithful like Him

To eat and drink His Spirit Life given

Hunger and thirst for righteousness a blessing

Oneness experienced in Love and Peace and Truth;

Divine Power of the Holy Spirit consumes, enables

Given to us

That we might live a new life

Foreknown for each one

The Kingdom of Light that surrounds more than any sunrise

The Holy Presence at rest in each person called, Spirit awakened

Each man and woman predestined,

Chosen to be a Holy Child of God

Things too wonderful for any of us to fully understand

Yet, daily we begin to walk closer to our Holy Shepherd

Our King and High Priest before the Father of Glory

His Throne of Majesty draws us near

Our hearts and minds begin to know His Love shown in mercy,

Saved from the darkest pit

And rescued from eternal cursed darkness

To escape the broad common road that leads to the “Lake of Fire”;

Our lives now- Children of Grace

Who stand strong, free and fearless in His precious Love

And now only begin to grasp, “to taste and see”

The height and depth of Eternal Truth

His joyful Salvation given and found,

Known in His endless Love,

The Words of the purest Book of Love come alive!


Perfection in sight,  Gary Bertnick