Gentle winds across the waters

Soothing waves,

Calming cool breezes on a hot day,

The God of Peace rules this day

Sovereign Master over the night as well

For “night and day to Him are the same”;

Messiah’s Peace rules the new heart

Reborn as in “John Chapter Three,

Heaven’s Gift of the Spirit of Truth in Love,

The Lord always in control!

But, why the confusion and chaos with violence?

Many rebel, more than stubborn

God haters, Peace haters

Who drink their own cup of judgment;

The few with wisdom and honor of the Holy One

Step back, stand free

Look always to the One above

Who gives true rest,

The Kingdom of Light radiates within

Their hearts made beautiful in salvation;

We see and hear, and truly understand

As the Sovereign Creator breathes fresh air upon the nations

And takes pleasure in His people.