To look with the heart,

To see the unseen

What the world refuses, rejects

What the world cannot perceive

Wisdom hidden ” in a field as a treasure”

The most precious pearl of understanding-

Songs of beauty before unheard,

The reality of Yeshua Messiah;

Most powerful Lord of Creation, God the Redeemer

King over all forever and ever

Truly can be known

As the Father has shown to many other generations

Since Adam and Eve who stood strong and fell,

Then stood strong once more.

The God of Glory and Love

Foreknows His own children

Awakens, brings them to revelation

Leads them to heart repentance

So that they may be able to believe

And receive the gift of Faith in the One above

Who gave His Life that all might live

All who now seek His Eternal Reality

The Maker of the Universe who reigns supreme

The One who bowed in complete humility

And gave His Life that we might all seek a new life

The purest tireless work from Heaven

Kindness and compassion in Spirit Light

Radiant and lifted high above Jerusalem

In expressions of endless care

For you and for me.