“I will speak of Your greatness”

In honor and glory to Your Holy Name

With the breath of my mouth

The beating of my heart

Thanksgiving the fruit of  my spirit, soul and body;

Who is there but God alone to Truly know

Our Sovereign Lord to trust and serve

Our only Living Hope,

Israel’s Shepherd from the very beginning

My Shepherd from before You revealed Yourself to me!

King above all

God of Love who reigns supreme

My only desire- to know You,

To serve You in celebration of life

In celebration of all Your Creation!

Yeshua my eternal First Love

My purpose for being

My meaning for existence

My all in all!

Messiah, my Savior, and King of all Jews

As revealed to Abraham and Sarah, and their son and grandson,

As made known through Moses

Spoken of by many enlightened prophets of old

And now, in and through Your Church of true believers;

Greatness in Your goodness

Greatness in compassion and kindness

Greatness in awesome generosity,

All justice and righteousness flow from Your Throne of Majesty

There I bow as countless others, in worship

My heart and soul always open before You

Even as I began to walk Your Earth in faithfulness

As Yeshua Messiah did for all of us!