A chosen child of God’s Mercy

Stands strong till the end

Waits and watches as evil is drawn out to its corrupt limit,

The evil one who parades about the Earth in ruthless arrogance

And the destroyer sees his time finally run out

While the Most High reveals Sovereign Authority

In His absolute power!

Daily His Children of Mercy bow their hearts in joyful prayer

In thanksgiving and honor

With humility in endless reverence before His Throne;

His Holy Presence the greatest delight

True worshipers that know their Savior

Who they serve in love

Just as the Holy Angels

Purest love compels their pleasure at offering honor

Before Messiah’s Throne

The King of Mercy and Justice

Who poured out His Life in obedience to His Father

In steadfast Love for Mankind, Creation and His Father’s Glory;

Our hearts desire Him alone

Our spirits-souls long and yearn

With our eternal needs fully met

At rest forever in our Lord and God,

The only True Faithful One whose Mercy covers

Our Gracious Creator worthy of all Praise.