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Your Greatness our Lord Yeshua, is unsearchable,

We can only receive what You have given us

Enabled in all Wisdom of Majesty

Experienced in Holy Spirit Knowledge

In the Splendor of understanding in Your Presence;

Peace and Love, the Kingdom we “taste and see”,

Your Sovereignty now revealed through endless works of Salvation

In Your Eternal Kingdom

As angels bow in endless worship, then move on in obedience,

Holiness through and through!

Things too wonderful for us

For we can only stand in awe, beyond amazement,

The Light of Your Glory Father

Shown in our Creator, our Redeemer, Your Son the Faithful One

Our Savior, our Salvation, our Lord and Shepherd

Messiah and the Body of Christ, the true Church

The Oneness we all begin to share

While still in our bodies- vessels of incredibly intricate human form,

With Holy Spirit Living Water

Your Words written on our hearts

Deeply within our minds

Our joy can only overflow

While we stand before Your Splendid Throne

Our Father’s Majestic Presence in unapproachable Light!