Always another prayer spoken

As we bow down

In our constant need of You;

Oh, Lord of our life

You made us to know You

And Your Love and Kindness,

To freely share Your Love with others

To reach out often as You do

Touching many others who need You Lord;

The world was enslaved by darkness

But Your Light in Love and Mercy triumphed

As Adam and Eve lived out their long lives

In constant prayer for their children

And their children’s children

Mysteriously, in ways from generation to generation.

A remnant always looks to You

Hearts lifted in prayers, hands in praises

Shown through the Ancient Patriarchs

Who now encircle Your Throne of Holiness;

Your purposes in Creation lived out through Your own children

Even in Israel, centuries of blessings, centuries of struggles

All in movements towards fulfillment of Your Holy Words;

Much yet to be completed!

From the Cross- “It is finished.” proclaimed in Eternal Victory;

Soon, from the Throne- “It is done.” will shake the entire world free at last!

Our Lord knows those who are His own

And His own know Him;

We worship daily through constant prayers

And praises with steadfast love!