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After we fell, down so far, out of sight

Lost in complete darkness, blinded even from the sun;

Mercy, before truly unknown

Without even thoughts or any sense of understanding,

Mysterious kindness in Heaven’s Grace reached down from above

And, lifted us each high upon a towering Rock!

Our hunger and thirst to climb difficult, unreachable heights

To scale impossible cliffs

To surge upwards onto great mountains

Paths and trails rising sharply to look into the face of the sun,

Even peaks looming high above the earth

Impossible hikes and climbs that most quickly fail,

And in the end all have failed

As these heights too great, more than impossible!

But then our Redeemer is revealed

Salvation made known by Love seemingly hidden for so long,

A Savior much more than lost treasure

Greater than that priceless pearl

Reality in meaning of Life that is Eternal

Love and Peace in Divine Light

Israel’s Messiah who rescued all mankind

Through the unending Sacrifice of Love and Life on the Cross

The depth, width and height of we now only seek and search for,

To know, to experience Him, His Word

With all of our being, body and soul and spirit!