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The Kingdom Path we walk

Close to those we love in purity of hearts,

We desire only Peace in Your Presence

To look always to You, Lord

Disciplined to fix our thoughts on You alone

Your Shepherd’s Voice speaks within, and we hear

As the Light of Your Spirit indwells

Living Words of Truth the brightest treasure in our life

Your Way of Holiness we constantly seek

As we often bow in prayer

Then raise our hands towards Heaven

And reach out to worship as we see glimpses of the Throne,

Temple wonders our present and our future!

Each day on the earth from sunrise to sunset

Troubles rise and troubles fall in weakness to the ground

Temptations flutter, and sometimes streak about

Yet fade, and fade some more,

But surface strength or beauty or wealth

Eclipsed by true Beauty of the King and lasting strength and riches,

Knowledge of God encloses our being with protection and Spirit power

The world and those who love it, and religious legalism

Tremble when His Presence indwells our hearts and souls

Kingdom Ways along the Kingdom Path most refined and narrow,

Pretenders do us no harm

And we see the fiery end of all the wicked;

The innocence of Your Confidence wraps about us in Trust

Pure and clean our new clothing

With Your warmth in the bitter face of cold,

Even in the deceitful face of perverse persecution delight

Zeal and spiritual fervor our constant comfort!