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For the few who “stand strong till the end”,

Grace always sufficient

Knowledge and courage deepened

Fearless Love joined with Holy Spirit Wisdom

Eyes that have seen the end from the beginning

Now rest in Eternal Peace,

Still and quiet in the Presence of the Holy One

The Shepherd whose confidence radiates onto His own

Even as His hand reaches out to take hold of another;

As we face down the enemy of Truth and Goodness

And “take every thought captive”

Discernment glows bright from within

For “we know Him whom we have believed”,

His Kingdom warriors are at every side

Whether invisible or seen!

Though many stumble and fall

With many times many already lost in thick deception of lies

Stubborn rebellion in nothingness lived out,

Yet, the relative few forever stand in Kingdom Light

With jeweled radiance of the Lord’s Throne

As we honor and worship His Messiah Yeshua

Our Eternal King and High Priest!