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To do my small part in prayerful humility

My priestly duties as a servant

Faithful in Kingdom work on Earth

Steadfast in love in the Church-

The Living Body of Messiah Yeshua;

Many seeds are planted in fields

Many more are watered as we walk in the Spirit;

Though “the workers are few and the harvest so great”

We who walk in the Holy Spirit will persevere and endure,

Our Shepherd of Love guides

He who is our Peace empowers

Strengthens from day to day!

The elders, all of our brothers and sisters in the past

Did the hard work,

Peter and John, all the Twelve,

James, Jude, Simeon and Joses, their parents Joseph and Mary,

Paul and the seventy times seventy across the nations.

Foundations were set and expanded

A Solid Rock foundation on which we can now stand!

The ruthless enemy and his vicious armies come against, fight us

But they always fall short

As the Master, the Eternal Judge has already triumphed

The Light of His victory glows from us, disciples and true believers,

His Heavenly Glory we already see and know!