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Compassion and Love

Deepest care for what “His Hands” have made

The Earth and all that is on it,

The ocean waters, every sea, lake and river

And all that is in them!

As mankind fills the world

God in humility walked the Earth as the True Savior,

As promised in ancient Living Words,

Patriarchs established paths

A nation Israel formed as a ready foundation

Then, the Rock was set- the Eternal Jerusalem Cornerstone

For a new creation in a new Kingdom revealed!

Each day, men and women begin to see though once lukewarm

Begin to hear and then smell the smoke of a distant fire,

But the waters flow, God’s stream always full,

Even as flames far off can be seen

And the smoke presses into the nostrils,

The fires of Judgement draw closer

While many times many flee to seek rescue, seek Salvation!

Little is known of the fires of hell- the stench, pain and suffering,

And even less of the second death in the”Eternal Lake of Fire”!

Beyond the castle confines of “self” smoke can be seen and smelled

And countless ones reach out to leap and jump

Some from upper windows

Little children caught in waiting arms below

Innocence preserved, gathered in a timely harvest of Love,

To be sheltered in the Temple of God’s Rescue!