A light of brilliance is seen, great luster of a jewel

Off in a distance as eyes adjust, the mind seeks to grasp

This mysterious image of intense light,

Then, in a dream or a vision more clearly

Light from beyond the Universe

In a glimpse of the Holy Throne

And of a person who stands before the Holy One!

A woman clothed in a brightest gown of splendor

“Whitest white” embroidered with silver and gold

A Crown of Love with Eternal Beauty upon her head

The Holy Spirit wraps about her as she glows

And reflects the Light of Majesty!

But one of countless Kingdom Daughters

Who appear in joy, life fulfilled and complete

Victorious in their times on Earth

Foreknown and predestined with steadfast Love

A life of faith in Messiah Yeshua lived out from day to day

Obedience in trust learned as a child of God

Faithfulness and honor the path zealously chosen

The “Word made flesh” cleaved to;

A family, husband loved and children raised in Wisdom,

Knowledge of the King shared in love and peace with all others;

Now, she stands in Spirit Truth her rewards of abundance in hand

What ears heard of Him, eyes can see in Greatness

All the Holy Words come true, and much, much more!