I WEEP (Hint of Bio.)


For my generation,

Caught up in wave after wave of new music in youth

The deafening voices of song lyrics and guitars

Lost in simple drama woven into confusion;

True Love always meant to be freely, clearly shown

The greatest Spirit revelation of heavenly Life to be received;

Yet, self-serving, money hungry talents longed only for fame and wealth,

Ego driven competition only for more

To be seen and heard by countless young boys and girls

Soon to become young men and women

Flooded by artist musicians, brushed aside by politicians

And some even used and abused by the military.

So many deceived, lost in time

Lives ruined, even wasted;

And here I stand strong at age 70 with a broad memory of endless details

The people I grew up with in a small town setting

Then in college, and in the military;

From one side of the country to the other

Even briefly standing before the D.C. “Nam” Memorial full of names…

And the self-serving music and entertainment goes on and on.

The Motown, Stones, Beatles, Who, Moody B., CSNY, others,

Musical genius in talents and business savvy;

In preteen, Bobby Vinton and the Everly Bros. seen with small audiences,

Later as a young adult, Beautiful Day then Black Sabbath seen with huge crowds.

At last, with Mercy and Truth finally revealed to my heart and soul

Rich songs of deliverance and worship carried into endless beautiful Peace

New innocence in faith expressed honoring Messiah Yeshua’s Greatness

Even through many such as a friend Phill McHugh, Maranatha singles/groups, Dallas H.!

Times of Grace and Peace, Love with Hope took hold of my heart

As I began to weep in prayers for a lost generation,

My generation of lost sheep, many of whom are forever lost.