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A new day in the Lord as Hope fills all expectations,

What has been clearly shown with understanding

What has been deeply revealed in knowledge,

A Life of Mystery truly becomes a path of joy

Satisfaction even in troubles and difficulties

While the hand of our Shepherd holds us close

Keeps each one near to Him

Our refuge and strength King David wrote about,

True understanding shelters in trust always given

To see clearly through new circumstances

To discern what is true and what is not in an ungodly nation

Filled with so many deceitful people

Lucifer’s atmosphere of lies a dark cloud that covers

A thick blanket that blocks out the light of the Sun

For all those who cannot see in the Spirit

And are blinded from Messiah’s Kingdom of Truth.

Yes, our God is more than able in triumph

Already as angels rejoice and celebrate the timeless victory,

Authority above all reigns Supreme

Words spoken, Words written long ago became alive in eternity

Lived out today in steadfast Love before our own eyes,

The Light of Zion so brilliant even in Israel’s destiny;

We rest in trust with majestic fields of new flowers before us,

Hope stands strong in confidence as a great tower of faith in His Name!