The only true Jewel

On a pure Crown of Love

A golden crown given us to  wear

Given freely that we might live,

A gifted life of Love, the narrow path of Peace we walk

“Small the gate, narrow the road” in this body life;

The world, this place often of distractions and confusion

Where darkness tries to rule, and then destroy.

But sparkles of Living Light radiate from that Jewel

Penetrate our hearts and souls

Now filled with His Peace, Holy Spirit Presence of our Lord

Our King who rules in us and through us;

Eternal Beauty revealed from His Heavenly Throne

Our God of Creation who is Love

Reigns supreme in Sovereign Power

Compassion in kindness poured forth with Majesty

Gentleness that clothes our being in whitest white;

Holy Spirit transition

The human body meant as a vessel of faith

Overflows  with goodness in Love for all others

Living Light from the greatest King, the Jewel of Splendor

Even the Majestic King of Jacob, of Israel in Eternal Jerusalem

Our only King who abundantly cares for each of us

Always the Shepherd, our Eternal Shepherd-King!