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       *Love builds up.*


“Take heart, your sins are forgiven.”

And the Words spoken resound

Wrap about the Earth

Shake the World, our world

Bring us to our knees

Hands raised in praise

Voices lifted in songs of thanksgiving,

From the depths of all Creation

Worship rises in the Spirit before His Throne of Holiness

The mercy of our Maker covers with purest white

The Love of our Redeemer a crystal stream of Living Water

Flows on forever and ever in our new Kingdom Life

In fellowship with the Shepherd

United as one with all the followers

Disciples, Apostles, prophets and true believers

The Church, His Church

Jews and Gentiles, men and women the same in step with His Holy Spirit

Joined as one Body Resurrected;

Now we stand as the Holy Angels do

Before the Majestic Greatness of our Father

In the Name of His Son

Eternity the air we breath

Glory the Light in our eyes

The Life in our complete being!