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A young woman lost in her youth

Confused, easily distracted in her vibrant beauty

Her image, her strengths

Thoughts of greatness and stimulating adventures always

Challenges desired, challenges accomplished only in search for more;

Loving prayers of a brother or sister spoken often

That she would one day turn

As a delightful flower to the new morning sunshine

The glow of Light in new beauty within,

Beauty that does not fade with years that pass like a breath

But only grows deeper and more radiant!

True prayers from the heart follow her footsteps

As eyes once nearby now watch from a distance;

What was close and longed for drifted away,

But a greater desire remained

In those who look to their Lord of Destiny,

Fix their thoughts on their Eternal Living Hope revealed!

Soon the day will come when the body wears out

And outward beauty is gone

Yet, many prayers as angel wings soar high above

Before the One, the only Sovereign Powerful Throne

Heavenly Love welcomed in a sacrifice of thanksgiving at last!