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As we walk this desert Earth-World

In thirst for what is real and lasting

The heart dry from what cannot satisfy

Our inner being struggles

Our mouths and souls parched by the merciless sun

Often scorched within,

All who honestly travel this spiritual wasteland;

But a Fountain of Living Water does exist, towers above

What can soothe and calm the body, soul and spirit,

Fully meet the needs of any and everyone!

Glorious radiant Light from this Fountain of Majesty

Abundance of beautiful clear water that can fill

And then overflow to many others

The Glorious Fountain of Eternal Truth

Where children can freely play in delight

At rest in the Peace of the Son of God

His Peace that is graciously given

To any who seek it, who seek His Living Truth

Who search and seek to know Him

And to experience His Sovereign Reality;

Purpose and meaning in human existence

Showers down as rain upon the countless ones so blessed

Whose inner thirst brought them near,

Baptism in the cool, crystal Living Waters of Messiah Yeshua

The Glorious Fountain of Truth

Who has revealed His Father to us!