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An open door

Before the “eyes of faith”,

Inner eyes of our spirit

At rest in the Light of our Lord

As the Remnant Church

Even as the Remnant Israel soon to be revealed;

The Plan of God steadfastly unfolds

Before our hearts and souls, enlightened minds

Hopes to be fulfilled, longings to come true!

We are obedient to “keep His command to endure patiently”

In the face of much deceit and orchestrated confusion

The fallen ones at every side, even as false prophets-

One hand lifted towards the clouds

While the other tightly grips this world

And its fear and greed, self-consuming;

We walk in the strength of His Holy Spirit in “Sabbath Rest”

Glimpses of Heaven’s Majesty at times intimately given

Visions and dreams, Scriptures alive within

“Written on our hearts and within our minds” as Jeremiah shared.

Messiah will return

But first love compels us to do Kingdom work

As much that we know in Scripture Words

Is yet to be lived out on Earth!