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A life shaken into repentance

As a man’s heart and soul soften, open to humility at last,

Just enough to receive a Holy Touch from far above this Earth;

Personal needs can help awaken a human to a different dimension

A new reality not thought of

Something apart from mere human effort

And human desires in the natural self,

Beyond this world

From a mysterious, majestic place where Splendor dwells;

Words spoken, Scripture often heard always fell to the ground

Eaten by birds of darkness,

The dominion of Satan who rules with most powerful deception.

But emptiness gnaws at the will

The sense of nothing begins to numb the brain

Meaning in life becomes only a fantasy

Misplaced emotions, wasted efforts

New heights that challenge only fall flat!

The “impossible” begins to swallow whole

Little or no hope in purpose seen;

Then, from the place still unknown

Mercy reaches out in breathtaking kindness

From the top of an unreachable invisible mountain of Peace

One crowned with blinding Light,

The heavenly touch becomes the gracious Gift of Love.

This man believes and bows in surrender as humility clothes his naked being,

What was completely unknown

The greatest price paid beyond human understanding

Suddenly becomes “all in all” before the Throne of God!

More treasures, more pearls to be discovered in an endless field of true freedom

While the Earth only trembles at Salvation

And mountains shake and melt at our Lord’s Holy Presence

As the new life given in Messiah Yeshua rises forever from the “dead world”!