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Faith in our Faithful One,

It flows in the Kingdom’s full crystal stream of Living Water

Most precious Gift of heavenly Life

From Adam and Eve to the present day, current generation

In the new strength given to believe in Messiah the Savior

Through the Spirit power to receive Faith

Joined to the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit

Grace breathed into the depth of our being and Faith rises up in Knowledge

Grows as that small good seed sown in Wisdom

Until God brings us to our feet, even as a young child learns to walk

Later runs with the wind in many directions, hope and trust in the Lord anchored

While we climb hills, then mountains, then learn patience

With confidence we hold the Shepherd’s hand through life’s journey

Our Lord and Savior who lives in our hearts with His Peace

Daily renews our minds as we eat the Living Bread of His Word

Unfolds a prayerful path of victory in another human life

Triumphant Love the small gate seen from the beginning

Becomes a giant radiant pearl entrance into  the City of God

With every faithful step Holy Spirit discipline guides

Our eternal joy of being truly alive in Messiah Yeshua

Believed, then received from the Father

Faith in Messiah our heavenly food and drink, Glorious air we breathe

Greater than large diamonds set in purest gold,

Faith in our Faithful One!