We walk in the mysterious glow of our faith brighter than  jewels

Begun with simple, honest belief in Messiah Yeshua

Given freely to us by our Father

Matured in us by His Son and His Holy Spirit;

Something the world can never give,

Something those who love the world first can never understand!

We walk humbly with our Shepherd

His Love and Peace in our hearts leads and guides,

Holy Spirit rebirth only grows stronger and wiser

Eyes of the heart can discern

Separate  the “dominion  of darkness”

From the Kingdom of Light we now experience;

No words, no acts can bridge the two,

As thunder from lightning never in hand with beautiful blue skies

And morning sunshine with songs of birds rejoicing;

We live to please our God

We love to honor our Lord

Though at times a small number, seeming to be alone,

Power of the Sovereign Throne encloses eternally

With Divine pleasure and delight in each one of us!