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Cradled as a child in the arms of God’s Love,

Though I am weary my heart is glad

I trust always in my Lord

Loving kindness surrounds as sunshine on a bright new day

His hand of favor covers me like timely shade

Especially as the heat of the world begins to scorch;

Those who reject and turn from grace lose control

Wander aimlessly through the darkened city streets

Lost as if in a desert wilderness

Or a thick forest that goes on and on.

Kingdom Peace from above lives within my very being

The Gift of Heaven as a finished seal for all those chosen

Treasured by the Throne of Greatness

Each destined to behold the unspeakable Beauty

The Glory now shown only to angels

And to proven servants of Royal Love from the Heart of God

Poured out in sacrifice by Yeshua

Messiah High Priest of the only Kingdom

Ruler of all God’s Creation!

Such confidence is ours, given freely as we have truly believed

Holy arms enclose with new strength

In the gentle warmth of our Savior

Eternal protection from any fire, any flood and any wickedness

Even all the evil vomited out of the devil’s mouth

And Lucifer’s many slaves to greed, lust and fear of death!