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Our Kingdom destiny

The path of goodness revealed

That carries through the Narrow Gate

As Godliness challenges and draws us near,

Kingdom refuge, Kingdom rest

Kingdom fulfillment in the Kingdom of Truth

The “Mystery of God made known”

By the Father’s hand of Love

Joined to Messiah our Shepherd

Who tenderly guides His flock in Strength

Delicately in His Lovingkindness

Precisely, in Holy Spirit power and gentleness

“The Father always at His work to this very day”,

Messiah Yeshua, the Ruler of God’s Creation, at work as well

Who brings all the children together

Matures them as the Glorious Bride

Kingdom oneness in Spirit and Truth

True worshipers in the presence of Holiness

The Light of Life radiant from within

Majestic Light that fills heaven and earth

Sovereign Light of the King who has drawn us together

One Body, one Church in His Love

One in His Love, as One filled with His Peace

Truly One overflowing with the joy of salvation

One in Resurrection Life with our Redeemer

One in our Lord who is One with His Father, now our Father!