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Today, this day

The day we hoped for

Today, the day we yearned and longed for,

Yes, today  in God’s Truth lived out

When we join our Lord in Paradise!

The Holy Kingdom Presence far beyond heaven and earth,

Emerald rainbow Glory about the Father’s jeweled Throne

And forever much more

His Love penetrates the heart and soul, our entire being

Overflows with brilliance of joyful Salvation from His Son, our Savior

Who endured torment and torture on the Cross

As He carried the weight of all sin, every disease and sickness

Who swallowed death for Eternity

And whose Blood bought us back to Himself

Though forever separated from God our Creator

And the wrath destined for those who rebel and reject His Love;

Lucifer’s bitter forced curse of satanic hatred poured within a single cup

Drank fully by the only Redeemer who could!

As Messiah spoke mercy to a thief on the nearby Roman cross

Eagles screeched high above while sparrows darted from branch to branch,

The Words from His mouth will never fade away

But settle as butterflies of most unique beauty

Upon exquisite flowers of delight never before seen,

Settle within our hearts and minds, hope anchored with Holy Words

The Foundation of Perfection in each of us who know and trust Him!