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A lonely soul

As a lost sheep

Whether alone or in a crowd

Emptiness stalks his soul

The haunt of darkened “nothingness” starves the spirit

Fear is muffled and shrouded in a fog

A heavy heart weighs down the body.

There is no light

No song of joy or even gladness

Outward strength quickly fades

Images of self, displayed as a thin veneer

A slight breeze strikes and the image scatters.

A hopeless dilemma indeed

Like a small bird caught in an ugly snare,

Impossible for human effort to seed and sprout

Yet alone blossom and bear good fruit;

The will has become numb

Beyond mere depression,

Only “One” greater than this world, this life, our selves

Can awaken, can rescue

A Name greater, above all

God alone can save such a man with Divine mercy

God alone can save such a woman with Divine compassion

The God who must be there alone can answer this first prayer,

My prayer for life, for help with a caring touch from the Shepherd!


*  * *From memories of my college days, a fraternity, athletics and an engineering school; then the military.