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A cup of coffee in hand

As I sit quietly

Welcome the early morning stillness

As faint sunshine begins to color the horizon

The Presence of Divine Peace wraps me in warmth

Body, soul and spirit clothed graciously,

The comforting Presence of the Lord my greatest pleasure

Deepest hope and assurance in true Spirit Light

Covers with “confidence from my youth” as written by King David;

So many days and years have passed on by my humble existence

Life “tasted and seen” is truly Life revealed

All the coming and going

Rising up and sitting down,

While a steady stream of people flows by as well

Countless human needs

Endless complexities in constant motion

Yet, Heaven’s majestic Peace in simplicity of Sovereignty

Always watching, always ready patiently waiting

Then a Divine touch of Messiah reaches out

The Savior, the Maker

The Redeemer, the Creator

Who knows each human being more than can now be understood

Until at last we stand naked before His Throne of Judgement

An innocent child of God, or not!