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With deepest sincerity

The heart reaches out

Bows in love and trust before the Throne of Holiness

The Sovereign One before us

High Priest Messiah Yeshua

Gentle Shepherd of my soul,

Daily needs, troubles and difficulties

Yearnings of the heart

Longing to grow closer in the Kingdom fellowship

Closer to the Glorious Father

Closer to Yeshua His Glorious Son

Holy Spirit desires well up

Hands and heart reach out towards Heaven

Even at times with tears

Cries for help from the only Kingdom Throne

To face this world, its beauty and its darkness

To face this new day;

Triumph soars on wings of faith

Melts the mountains of struggles into calm pools

As streams of Holy Spirit power flow

Yes, our Lord

You draw us near oh Lord

Draw us near to God our Father!