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In the Presence of God

While Messiah’s Peace indwells

Hope anchored Rock Solid

Confidence soars from Earth to Heaven

And then back again

What the world cannot give a man or a woman

Riches beyond human understanding

The wealth of Divine Wisdom freely shared

All purpose and meaning in human existence revealed

Once hidden by the “Dominion of Darkness”

Now made known in the Kingdom of Purest Light

The Living Words spoken by the “Word made flesh”

That will never pass away

Eternal Power and Authority by the Mouth of God

Holy Spirit anointed Truth a vast crystal river

Brings Life wherever it goes

Even beyond the Universe

Wraps all of Creation into the palm of One Hand

As the Holy One enthroned waits for all His children

Each soul chosen, just like my own

Each soul called like you

In the wonders of Salvation lived and worked out

Within and through another child of God

The Majestic Splendor of our Savior shown

Through endless loving kindness!