*usurp– take the place  of someone illegally;

supplant even by force and without right.



The United States of America has worked from the beginning to overthrow Israel from being the true nation chosen by God and Jerusalem the City, above all others to be His place of rest in His Kingdom Presence.  Jerusalem will be the location of His Eternal Temple from where He will rule the entire earth-world.  Nothing can stop that from happening in God’s plan and purpose, not even the anti-Christ possessed by Satan himself!  Messiah Yeshua will be enthroned in Jerusalem.  Eventually the Father will descend with the Glorious New Jerusalem upon the same place to be chosen as His Majesty is shown to all.


Men who early put together the original ideas to take over North America and establish their empire rule lusted for world control.  For many generations others lawless have worked and schemed for that end.  And now, we will begin to see Divine Justice from Heaven for all the acts of darkness embraced and exercised for that prideful, arrogant lustful desire to be fulfilled.  “Mystery Babylon the Great” America will drink the “cup of Justice” completely.  The Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 make this point clearly.