Waves of darkness cover the  world

Evil, wicked clouds of lying deceit

Yet, the heavenly glow of God’s Truth remains

Untouched, radiant from the heart of Messiah

Yeshua’s Holy Spirit moves across the horizons of China

Through the mountains and Siberian plains of Russia

He penetrates the thickest jungles

Skips over oceans

Skims along the desert flats

And rises above the highest mountains

Nothing can contain or control the Living Word Gospel

Kingdom Truth of Heaven’s High Priest all powerful, all knowing

Ever present in His Creation.

The heart of a child sings a song with new joy,

An elderly man sits in awe at sudden revelation of his Savior,

An elderly woman with eternal beauty rests quietly as her body fades away.

Things far off

Things beyond this world

Revealed and made known

As faith comes alive in many others

In every nation, tribe and people

Every language speaks clearly of God’s wonder in mercy;

Soon those who destroy the earth will be destroyed,

Divine Judgment is coming soon

To cleanse the wickedness

And wash all the evil away!