We sail together

On the ship of our Lord

Believers gathered as family, as friends

Drawn together by His Love

Safe and secure in His Presence

More than survivors

Beyond the coming storms

Sure in Divine comfort

Confidence anchored in eternal trust;

The winds may blow hard

Waves crash across the bow

Yet we are untouched

Our goal of faith always in sight, though far off

A sheltered paradise in the midst of the darkest sky

Truly a refuge opened before each one of us

Kindness in generosity, gentleness

Gracious hands of tenderness

His goodness to celebrate

The brightest light in the night

In a new sunrise about to burst forth

The God who made heaven and earth

Who made us stands near by

Constant assurance and protection

As we sail on our journey

Through the darkness of the world, through the storms

With His Peace our constant Temple fortress

That encloses behind and in front,

Shepherd’s Hand upon us.