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What towers above as the Cross does,

The height and depth and Light of Scriptures

Layer after layer of Holy Spirit revelations

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding Solomon yearned for

The prized, treasured discoveries of Divine mysteries

The greatness of our God, His loving kindness

Creator of infinity and “the eternity”

Who lays out plans of wonderment for us to marvel in awe

Complexities in every direction, every manner of sublime beauty,

The “Living Word” written out simply for us on scrolls inscribed by the Holy Spirit

Through disciples and followers of the Holy One

Shared with our hearts and minds as we read a modern Book held in hand

Followers also of the Holy One-

The “Word made flesh” through whom Creation was made,

Now the Redeemer given that we might receive Grace and Peace

And with the same Holy Spirit to indwell each believer in Messiah Yeshua

That we too may begin to understand in Heaven’s Light

And grow to learn how to worship God in Spirit and Truth!

The Glorious Father on His Throne of Splendor and Majesty

Who willed many trillions of stars into existence

Including our own sun all through His Glorious Son enthroned at hand

While hundreds of millions of angels surround with praise and honor;

“God so loved the world” though snared in satanic darkness and Lucifer’s rebellion,

That He sent His only Son to Israel, to Jerusalem

To return it and its children into His loving embrace

As fully detailed in the greatest Book of Truth to experience

The Gospel, the Living Word, the written Book THE BIBLE!