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A true believer in Messiah Yeshua

Who seeks to follow the Shepherd

“Does not belong to the world”,

“Is not of this world”!

There is no room for compromising in America with its flood of lies

False desirable images always before our eyes

From our government, banking system

Intelligence and military dominance,

The rush of entertainment that touches all the right tender spots,

The vainglory of lust for wealth;

Only in God’s Presence can we be truly transparent in freedom.

The Light of Wisdom and Knowledge from His Son

Rock solid Sovereignty that we fully bow before in reverence,

Only He is worthy of all honor and glory

Our every desire, our every want met from His hands

Eternity itself rests in Him alone,

The Source of all Love and Peace that can ever be experienced!

We cannot stand with one foot in God’s Kingdom of Holiness

And the other in Lucifer’s dominion of darkness,

We are either found at rest secure on “Noah’s Ark” or not

But some will face God’s judgment worse than the ancient flood-

A “lake of eternal fire”;

For each one it’s either all or nothing.

Honest eyes see what honest hearts show,

The Cross of Israel’s King towers high above

Consumes all of mankind’s sins in Redemption

The Savior’s joy welcomes repentance in a new life

Human spirit rebirth and death to the old self

Lead to a “personal Pentecost”

And open Heaven’s door to any and all

To walk in our Lord’s freedom

The “joy of the Lord our strength” is salvation lived out.

A human heart laid bare meets Holy Spirit Truth in power and wisdom

As “armor of Light” to face this world in proven triumph,

Freedom in complete honesty,

Complete honesty in freedom.