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Older and seemingly worn out,

Treasured efforts to embrace Wisdom over those long years,

Countless seeds of Truth planted in many

Even more watered

Yet, harvest seems lean and mostly far off;

Prophetic things deeply experienced, well understood

Israel and Jerusalem at the very heart,

But so much still to happen!

Most beautiful hand woven carpets laid with silver and gold

Stunning tapestries of sublime beauty beyond creative imagination

Royal colors and intricate designs cover the walls of time

But mankind from generation to generation still acts blinded,

Chooses to ignore the True Peace close at hand

While appetites for war and conflict, for wealth and control continue to thrive!

Discouragement with frustration plagues everyone, everywhere

Lasting beauty in pure expressions of worship scarce,

Even quality anointed songs and music become rare.

Lord, so many souls cry out

Hunger and thirst for Words to fully come alive,

The world more and more a tiresome place

Without lasting joy and gladness

Even once vibrant youthful lives waste away.

So, this man steadfastly prays before the Throne

As do many others who cry out to their Lord and God…

Then a clear Voice is discerned within-

“Rise up now and fully live the life I’ve given you

To walk in My Peace daily

To live out your days in Covenant Love,

Rejoice in who and what I’ve given you

Living Hope glows more than a large flame within your heart and soul;

You can only richly live out your own life in Oneness with Me

Your cross is carried daily, your life laid down for others in love

Spirit led, impartial and sincere,

Your rewards will be very great!

You cannot live another person’s life for them.”

And so he rises in strengthened faithfulness,

Prayerful constantly as learned  from his Teacher

To live one day at a time, trusting in gracious discipline,

Confident, he walks forward hand in hand with the Shepherd

“Wisdom proven right and true by all her children.”