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Abundance when needed,

Divine timing more precise

More purposeful-

More satisfying in fulfillment;

The most from much less

Prayers always heard before the Throne

With time lost in the revelation of merciful eternal Grace

The Sovereign One foreknows the best of every circumstance

And we can only bow in humility

To offer the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” for the God of Love

And to His Holy Son who gave His all for our Redemption,

The Redeemer forever worshiped,

Our Father forever honored and glorified!

Oh, waiting for the promises to come,

It costs much perseverance in strengthened endurance

As the heart of a man is prepared

While the life of another put into place,

Others established, positioned and made ready to receive

To experience Heaven’s gifts of Grace and Peace

Spirit revelation and priceless wonders through repentance

Then, the touch of heavenly eternal Beauty in a human life

Once thought ugly, meaningless and empty

Heavy chains of depression and self-image at the point of ruin

Until darkness and the weight is wonderfully lifted

As but a fading cloud of dark mist,

Driven off by new Light from Heaven;

The Redeemer stands always True

A lasting glimpse of His Peace shown

Tasted for the first time by so many

As Abundance is seen Pure and True,

All done in step with God’s timing-

The incredible “most”

Made out of a life thought “so much less”!

Tears run as he looks, now at rest with inner knowledge,

Gazes confidently through Earth’s brightened windows;

God’s promises to him will happen, in prophetic flow

While Earthly time is swallowed by Eternity.