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Wings of prayer

Carry us high and near

To the very Presence of the Throne,

The Throne of our Father of Glory;

Prayers in the Spirit mixed with incense

Offered from the hands of angels

Rise before the Presence of the Holy One of Israel

“Our Redeemer, whose Name is the Lord of Hosts”,

The Aroma of Messiah Yeshua, the Fragrance of Life!

The innocence of a small child

Is met only with gentle love and tender kindness

The Father’s will

Always at work even as His Son, our Lord,

Nothing is wasted

Everything we say and do, even our thoughts

All Kingdom efforts at true obedience

To care for another as ourselves

To reach out for family and friends

To love the strangers while cloaked in wisdom

Discernment in the Holy Spirit

As we act out, live our faith daily, fully

In step, led and guided by our Shepherd,

Such wings of innocence rise up

Carry us even closer to our God!