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Compelled by His Love

Just as the angels who serve You,

We are fellow servants of the God of Love;

Our greatest joy

To know You and serve You

The Royal fruit of praise and worship,

The Life Father, You willed

Then, our Yeshua spoke it, and it became!

Messiah commanded and it appeared

Even His Redemption as He shouted- “It is finished!”

In the beginning the Holy Spirit moved powerfully across the waters

The formless Earth

And all came from Your Love

Through Your will and Holy Words through Your Son,

Glorious existence only in Your Presence!

Holiness and crystal clear purity

While Your eyes of consuming mystery

Look with a penetrating fiery glow into all Creation

That stands within a widened pool as water before Your Throne!

Your greatness our Lord beyond understanding

Yet revealed in the Anointed One

The “Joy of Salvation” made known;

We bow in humility as Your children of mercy

Blessed beyond all earthly riches

Showered by treasured Grace and Messiah’s Peace

Eternal wealth sealed upon our hearts and souls

The Name of our King written on our foreheads,

Predestined in foreknowledge, chosen and purchased in Redemption-

The Sacred Blood of the Lamb

The “price” only the Father Truly understands,

While His Son hung from the Cross, tortured to death

By pagan Romans, as those who loved Him were kept at a distance.