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We hunger and we thirst

For our Daily Bread from Heaven-

“The Word made flesh”,

The Anointed Man who walked in the limitless Holy Spirit

A Savior, as salvation for all generations past, present and future!

The Living Word is the “Gospel”

The “Gospel” message is the Living Word;

Life found in Him alone

The Son who is and was and is to come

The Resurrected One who destroyed death

And freed all mankind from the fear of death

With enlightened minds of Spirit revelation of forgiveness,

To Adam and Eve and all their descendants

To Noah and his family and all their descendants

To Abraham and Sarah and all their descendants;

The sun shines warmth upon us all

Rain falls upon our heads, runs down our faces onto our land

Colorful flowers of beauty with aromas sprout forth,

Gracious Love covers the many who walk this earth;

The goodness of our God is shown clearly to be impartial and generous.

He who satisfied “eternal justice” upon the Cross

With the impossible made possible

As He opened the gate of freedom for the sheep,

Opened the door of deliverance for any and all to walk through,

Sins of human nature, sinfulness met with Sacred Holy Lifeblood Sacrifice;

Redemption and forgiveness poured forth with Grace and Peace

New Life from the Living Word who spoke all out of nothing.

The Voice of God now written on ancient scrolls with Spirit power,

The Faithful One justified what we now experience in treasured richness!

From the fallen kingdom of mankind to the new Kingdom of Messiah

No eagle can soar so high

No storm can dim the Light that shines

As we each meditate on Written Spirit Truth

And glow from within to His Joy and Glory

While we absorb the Living Light through the “Word made flesh”!