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Facing death

While holding the Shepherd’s Hand of Life,

All fear driven off

By the Redeemer who always stands at our side,

Holy Shepherd of Peace who overcame the world

The Faithful One who triumphed over all darkness

Who crushed all the power of Lucifer beneath His heel!

The Savior of mankind shown in the Father’s Love

Revealed through ancient chosen Israel

Made known as John the Baptist prepared hearts

At the Jordan River that still flows today,

Repentance and turning from the world and its self-destructive ways

Death to self and sin nature by human spirit rebirth

Joined to our God of Love whose Cross towers above Creation;

Messiah of the True Kingdom sealed the future of Peace by Resurrection,

His display of absolute authority and Sovereignty!

Arms of the Lord open wide to each one of us

Greater joy than when the angels sang with shouts of joy at Creation

As the Earth was formed in greatest detail

The new home for humans to live and reflect heaven’s Glory

Seen now in the eyes of our Savior

His joy of salvation radiant to all of His own.

The Holy Spirit gives us Life

Eternal revelations of Messiah Yeshua our Life, our Kingdom Way

Clean and pure, vibrant and Majestic with splendor like the Third Heaven,

Brought home to men and women,

His servants, children who live on His new earth with a new heaven above

Promised by the Father!



***”Death” is the eternal separation from God.  “Life” is to be joined by God’s Holy Spirit to our King Messiah Yeshua.  The present body is destined to return to the original source.  Without the Lord’s Spirit, the human soul and spirit are lost.  A second death waits for their final judgment when they each stand before Messiah’s Eternal Throne- The tragic fate for all who seek to live apart from the Creator.