The Day is coming

The Day is almost here

When all the seeds,

When all the “trees the heavenly Father has not planted

Will be pulled up by the roots.”

All the false believers, pretend Christians of the nations

Liars, deceivers and schemers

Fake pastors and leaders, false prophets and prophetesses

Will be exposed by Heaven’s Light,

Consuming fire in the Holy Eyes of the High Priest

Piercing looks from the Sword of the King of Jerusalem,

All will be seen for what it is!

Whether stomping about an executive office

Or the realm of a bully financial leader

Central Banks, governmental pyramids,

Those blowing loud horns to manipulate with endless propaganda

Or the cunning shrewdness of intelligence agencies worldwide,

And  the ruthless arms of various military octopuses

That hold and strangle nations;

All the deceivers will fall flat before the Throne of Truth!

The many who drink from the cup of their Savior

Are risen very high in wisdom and discernment

As servants of Love and Peace

They wonderfully know the Spirit of Truth;

Though long suffering and endurance in perseverance

They “do not delight in the death of anyone who dies”

But take great pleasure in those who seek the Lord and find Him,

Though He is always near!

Countless prayers for the lost souls rise with incense before the Throne of Mercy;

But we know sadly, not all will be saved,

From themselves or others, from the world and its “dark prince”,

Not all “will taste and see” the goodness of Messiah Yeshua

But will be forgotten in our Eternity.