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DELIVERANCE / (Psalm 70)


All who call upon the Name of the Lord have faith,

And all with faith seek their Lord

To walk as He walked

In the Holy Spirit power of Truth

Living Words upon the heart and soul,

The world of darkness overcome

The strength of the enemy becomes weakness,

Vulnerability of self, experiences the Cross of Messiah daily

Each new creation clothed in the “Armor of Light “;

Demon spirits, fallen angels who sought only to destroy

To drown in depression and despair, fear and loneliness,

Are cast off as worn out clothes, worn out thoughts of the mind

The waste of this earth returned to the dust of the earth.

The Father of Grace and Mercy

Draws another and another

Even more men and women into the arms of Love and freedom

Yeshua who gives rich treasures of Peace and Wisdom

The “Joy of Salvation” in His Joy!

The Holy Spirit from the Throne of God indwells

Enables and empowers another human to follow the Shepherd through His Gate

Into the pastures of Divine Presence

The sheep who clearly hear His Voice

And follow their Messiah alone!


*”Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is

there is freedom.”