“GRACE and PEACE in foreknowledge”,

The Greatness of our Father

Sovereignty of our Lord Messiah Yeshua

In whom all needs are truly met by the Hand of God,

Inner most desires revealed to our selves

What the heart longs for discovered;

The mind painfully yearns

While Mercy looks down from Heaven

And Love touches with final healing

Awakens the human spirit from a death sleep,

The only One who cares embraces the needs

Even things misunderstood

Blinded by human confusion over existence

And all the work of the fallen angel,

Darkness that covers the body and soul

The preyed upon spirit of a man or woman dormant

In a sleep smothered by a veil of  lies,

Corruption the ugly fruit of ancient rebellion against Truth

And the Sovereign God of Creation;

Rebellion and stubbornness against a righteous life

Honesty flees as a startled bird

From the True Way of Life by a Savior, the only Redeemer.

The world swirls about with worry and anxiety

Even anger and hatred with violence,

False riches and quickly fading wealth

As real eternal treasures wait for the man who desires them

The woman who chooses to reach out with innocence, as a child of God

Another who delights in what is pure

A Love that never fails

A Savior, the Shepherd of compassion and kindness,

And our Father who never gives up

Our Father who never gives up on you

Or your neighbor!