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A STILL, SMALL VOICE (Prophetic Word) 


A simple, small Voice of powerful Truth

Calm and soothing

Yet, new strength rises within,

The Spirit of the Lord speaks

Comforting Words, Words of encouragement

As the God of Love shares

And guides, counsels along your unique path;

The Shepherd calls and who answers,

Very few, but your heart thrills

The Light of  Life glows in your mind and heart,

Tears of longing well up

Yearning to be closer to Him

At His side, before His Throne;

But the “Workers are few” as He proclaimed

The time is short, the needs and the work great!

Your spirit, soul and body stand tall and strong

And answers- “Here I am Lord, send me.”

Peace speaks once more within, of details and timing

About the tribulation years now upon us,

Lucifer and his army cast down upon the earth,

Israel and Jerusalem the focus of all conflicts to come,

America suddenly, quickly to be ruined,

The Beast kingdom to rise up,

And before the final wrath of God

The fruit of His Earth is harvested in the mystery of the Father’s timing

By Messiah’s all-powerful Command;

Then, the march towards Armageddon will develop

And be completed with our Lord Yeshua victorious

Triumphant as High Priest and Eternal King

Glorious in His Temple, His Jerusalem,

Him and all His armies that follow Him!