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The heart yearns

The soul longs

Oh, for complete freedom

And total Divine Fellowship,

Fulfillment of eternal destiny as a fire within

All purpose and meaning in life

Heavenly reasons for being alive

To ascend to the highest mountain of existence

As Zion reaches up into the stars,

Endless stars like snowflakes seen in intricate, unique beauty;

Each star with a name given.

Worship finally takes pure golden wings

Soars far above our heaven and earth

Reaches beyond the many galaxies

To the very home of angels of holiness

The place of Splendor and Majesty beyond any imagination

To the Throne Room of Glory

Temple Presence of the King of all true Jews,

Unapproachable Light of Brilliance,

Where all are prone in reverence before the Seat of Mercy.

Now as we bow in honor on the earth in the Holy Spirit

A hand of Love reaches out

And gently touches us in favor,

Encouragement streams forth

Perseverance and endurance to be patient

Power in strength to wait a little longer

Until salvation finishes its intimate work

Within you, within me

Within your family and friends

Within your neighbors and strangers

And even within some who hate us

And parade about as our enemies.