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A sense of the future firmly in his hands

And in her hands,

Many choices of what to do, where to go, who to become

An adventure, or so it is thought

Exciting actions taken or not

Even silent prayers spoken within

Talents discovered, used and expressed with new found discipline

Soars into success, or often just stays flat on the ground

In disappointment and frustration!

Often a question grinds away- to give up or press on,

To go in another direction, a different way?

Endless thoughts stir the mind, and challenges bring many to sudden compromise,

And then others to final despair and smothering depression;

The mind grows numb, the will more so

Fresh early desires become only raw needs!

Then, our God and Maker quietly reaches out His Hand of compassion

And touches another with mercy and kindness,

Grace to believe with faith found in our Creator Messiah Yeshua

A Heavenly Gift the heart can cling to

Sudden hope the soul cleaves to

As personal meaning is birthed through spiritual reality

The reason for human existence begins to glow in eyes made more beautiful

A humble Gate opens as a true Door of Peace is entered

The Lord’s Narrow Road of crucified Yeshua, Shepherd King stands before us

The goal now to walk as He walked on the Highway of Holiness and Light

The Kingdom of Living Words and abundance of Purpose for one, for all the same

The God of Love who gave us Life reveals Eternal Life through Him alone

Our future goals of treasures to be discovered, more than fulfilled

With lasting knowledge, understanding in wisdom now seen in Light of Glory!