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God will never forsake His people and land, His inheritance

“Those who call upon Him, who call upon His Name in Truth”.

By the will of the Father

By the Word of His Son

All of Creation came into being-

From nothing to everything,

Even angels from a “time” long before mankind;

Many things too great for mankind to ever understand!

Yet, the pure flow of God’s Love made perfectly known

Through a nation formed through Abraham and Sarah,

Abraham the father of our faith

And through faithful Moses with Aaron, then Joshua;

The many prophets and servants of the Divine One,

Then revealed by the Redeemer, spoken about

And written about by Moses in Genesis

Through King David and prophets great and small over centuries,

Finally made known in humility out of one of Israel’s tribes,

The Way of Life, Light and Truth to deliver out of Satan’s impossible snare of death!

Songs of shepherd children greeted with faces of joy beaming

Joined by angels celebrating the coming of salvation by a Savior

The Triumphant One, Israel’s eternal High Priest;

As God’s mercy invades His earth, His land of inheritance

Taken firmly in Hand

Psalms of temple priests loudly sung in fulfillment by children

The Seed of Joy in Bethlehem to be planted

“The joy of the Lord our strength” made known

Through the Jewish people, by Israel so long ago;

Today the same, destined for greatness

The Home of Jerusalem

The Millennial Throne of Messiah Yeshua to reign over the earth

In a Majestic foretaste of the New Jerusalem to descend from Heaven

Within Father’s Glory and Splendor the brilliance of Zion’s Light,

The Eternal Love for Israel fulfilled

By the One who vowed to never forsake His people and their purpose,

The new Heaven and Earth, His own!