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In our country- Mystery Babylon the Great

We must learn to stand in the face of persecution,

Christians fearless and unflinching, countenance as flint

Daily cunning and shrewd as shown so long ago

Wise in Holy Spirit alertness as commanded

To fully understand in watchfulness as taught

Displayed by our Shepherd and His first disciples;

This man too will move through the cities and their crowds

Quietly slip through unnoticed

Or create louder distractions

Always confronting the enemy of goodness

To challenge any idolatry, then crush an idol here or there

With weapons of Truth in righteousness;

And to speak honestly with kindness and tenderness

Into the open minds and hearts of those willing,

To encourage even hints of discouragement

And place healing touches upon all the needy.

Demon spirits are driven away into the “deep holding pit” for eternity

While their “prince of darkness” raises his ugly head to destroy

But is driven off, discernment a very sharp sword!

A full cup waits to be drank

When the works, the many Kingdom tasks are completed

But another servant of Love who walks in mysterious Peace

Knowledge of the Shepherd’s finished work on his heart and mind

The Cross embraced through Holy Spirit power;

Now, to move on in his salvation destiny

Whether another hard place revealed or at last, the death of his own body!